For most of the smartphone users default Keyboard is the most comfortable one. Google Play Store provide you with a variety of keyboard apps for android which give you amazing options like swipe typing, colourful themes, other language support and much more.

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However, it should be noted that these free third party keyboards can get viruses and other malware on your device. And that is why Apple restricted third party keyboards on their iPhone. But nowadays you need an extra keyboard on your smartphone for being updated with new technology and notifications. Thus below are some secure and free android keyboards

5 Best Android Keyboards

We are here to explore new options and applications for your phone. Let’s see the top 5 Keyboard apps for Android.

1) SwiftKey Keyboard

   Download Swiftkey

SwiftKey is among the best Keyboard apps on Google Play Store. It is incredible with its functions. You can write by a simple swipe on the keyboard with different coloured themes which can also be customized as and when you want. It lets you switch effortlessly between lines and languages. SwiftKey keyboard is an amazing application for all the Android users.
SwiftKey has a robust privacy policy that lets the keyboard differentiate between the data that is going to help you in the future. Therefore it remembers the data to display when required whereas, it will protect your important information by not displaying it like credit card or account numbers. Swiftkey is very popular in iOS platform but now Android users can also enjoy swiftkey in their mobile same like how they can install facetime alternatives for Android

2) Google KeyBoard

   Download Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is still not popular among Android users. But if you want an amazing technology on your phone then Google KeyBoard is the best option. It provides you with different languages, themes, and privacy assurance. If you are using Android device 4.4 or above, you’ll also get built in Emoji’s. There are hundreds of shortcuts for users to explore on Google Keyboard. With Google KeyBoard you need not to worry about malwares or viruses as it is 100% safe and secure.

3) Fleksy Keyboard

   Download Fleksy Keyboard

The Fleksy Keyboard has set the world record for fastest typing across the globe. So if you are a person who loves typing in a running speed, you can surely opt out for Fleksy KeyBoard. It doesn’t support any adware or malware as well as grabs learning information for future reference. With Fleksy Keyboard you can change layout, themes, shrink or increase the size of the keyboard and much more.
Fleksy Keyboard is 100% free of Android users. It will allow you to delete or choose data through gestures or auto correct options. A stunning application for your smartphone.

4) Swype Keyboard

   Download Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard allow you to draw out your sentence without lifting them from the keyboard. If you’ve ever done this then you should be thankful to Swype Keyboard. It was Swype who started the trend of gesture and line typing. You just need to swipe your finger on the keyboard, it will automatically figure out the important letters.
It supports themes, colours, bilingual support, audio response typing and gestures. You can easily change size of the Keyboard and the letters as per your fingertip.

5) Chrooma KeyBoard

   Download Chrooma Keyboard

If you are looking out for an excellent Keyboard for your device, then choose Chrooma. Chrooma App allows you to experience all the basic features of a Keyboard app. It lets you resize the keyboard, change themes, put different styles to it, gesture and swipe writing, emoji’s and 60+ languages to choose from. Chrooma Keyboard is an awesome application for Android users. It shows simple yet stylish features for its customers.


These Keyboards are quite good at their work. They all are safe and secure for your device. Yet We would recommend you to download the applications after gaining full knowledge about it. They can make your writing experience hike up to another level. They are must try applications!

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