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Gone are the days when you used to send over resume to multiple employers and await the results anxiously. With the stream of technology in every sector, job searching on your android using best job search apps, has become easier and convenient at the same time.

From uploading your CVs to getting noticed by employers with the touch of the finger, the job search has become simple and easy as opposed to before.

Best Job Search Apps for Android

Smartphones have changed the way of our life, and job search is also not affected by it. With the below-mentioned apps, you can quickly search good jobs with ease.

craiglist pro for android#1 App for Craigslist Pro


Deemed perfect for people looking for jobs with less experience and more talent, Craigslist is a very decent portal for job search.

With App for Craigslist Pro freelancers, entry-level job seekers and self-employers can now easily search and apply for various jobs and hire good talent.

If easy, fast and quick work is your expertise, so App for Craigslist Pro is the place for you to be. However, the only disadvantage with App for Craigslist Pro is the unnecessary ads which might constantly keep bothering you.


glassdoor for android#2 Glassdoor Job Search


One of the most amazing and most popular job search portal Glassdoor Job Search Android app by Glassdoor Inc. is the dream of every IT employee. Built on the taste of IT sector and more focused on technology jobs, Glassdoor has a massive chunk of data.

The app consists of reviews my ex-employees for a company to help people understand the benefits and the losses of working at a company.

It also offers approximate salary figure for each role or job level in a company to help you choose a better role for your career.

Moreover, Glassdoor also provides with direct links to apply for on a job on the company website. The added advantage of using Glassdoor Job Search app is that job searching is very simple and easy.


naukri for android

#3 Job Search


Here’s an app that has a great UI and easy interface for a user. The is an Info Edge Ltd. It offers online recruitment, classifieds & related Services.This app was launched in 2012 and has over 49 million registered users. allows their users to apply for the job even without registration which is useful for newcomers just to experience the process of applying for the jobs.It Comprises of features like saving the job and apply later, keeping track of the applied job and getting information if the recruiter views your profile.

Naukri app is simple to use and effective job search app. This android app provides a lot of job opportunities for the seekers. Just create your account and complete your profile and you are ready for the search.


monster jobs for android

#4 Monster Jobs


Monster Jobs is one of the worldwide leading company in connecting job opportunities to the people. is an American based company owned by Monster Worldwide Inc. Monster jobs have over 100 million registered users worldwide, and it also has a payroll in over 36 countries.

The interface is user-friendly with the daily updates and more jobs of your industry. With monster jobs, you remain updated on the hiring trends in your industry, functions, and locations. From wed to mobile, Monster is in its endeavor to provide better access, better connections, and better job opportunities. With Monster Jobs you are ready for the first step in your industry.


indeed job search for android

#5 Indeed Job Search


Another job search app which helps you find the right job is the Indeed Job search app. The user base for the Indeed Job search app is a whopping 100 million.

Moreover, the jobs posted on the app are located in 50 countries and around 28 languages. Anyone can apply for a job by uploading their resume. It also allows you a functionality to view and save jobs so that you can, later on, decide whether to apply for them or not.

With an old interface but right set of functions, Indeed Job Search Android app is a decent job search app on Android.


times jobs for android

#6 TimesJobs


TimesJobs is an Indian employment site which is currently operating in India and the Middle East. TimesJobs is one of the three major job search portals in India. The focus of times jobs is basically in three industries for the cooperate jobs.

The IT industry, the retailer association of India for retails jobs, and jobs in media and advertisement industry and last the Government jobs.

The TimesJobs android app provides the company Insights, and also you get information about the recruiter who viewed your profile. Singing up with TimesJobs is a 2nd simple step.

The user interface of the app is simple but also a little complex. Never the less this app provides you with a variety of job in your industry. As this app is new in the store, it still has to improve a lot.


linkedin jobs for android

#7 Linkedin Job Search


Often termed as the Facebook for Professionals, you must have heard of Linkedin. However, now you can find jobs on this social network with a separate app dedicate for employers and job seekers.

Linkedin job search offers an amazing feature where you can set a filter for the type of jobs you want to apply for.

Depending on various job postings Linkedin notifies you via a push notification of any job opportunity. You can also get updates on the status of your job application.


jobs for android#8 Jobs Today


Here’s another job portal which is still young and powerful. Job Today has processed more than 20 million jobs since it was founded in 2015.

It mainly operates in UK and Spain. The app provides 24 hours guaranteed support to their users and also the user and company can directly message each other.

In Job Today you can also post and search for the jobs. Like a job offer, chat with the company, ask questions about the job or schedule an interview session through its built-in chat.

The user interface of the app is awesome with many built-in features. It has also won many awards for its work. As of July 2017, Jobs Today has added a feature through which job seekers can apply for the position using video that concludes the overall applicant’s suitability.


QuikHiring Job for android

#9 QuikHiring Job Search Video CV


QuikHiring is a quick process of hiring the right applicant by judging their communication, their capabilities and confidence through an intro and interview video for the jobs.

The recruiter can see the videos and select the right applicant, and it saves a lot of time for the recruiters for choosing.

This app features the video intro which is an excellent way to presenting yourself to the recruiters. The job seekers now can directly respond to the templets of interview questions by giving an interview video which in turn makes it easy for the recruiters.

Seekers can also share their intro video through the various app in mobile. The interface of this app is relatively simple to interact, the search result show according to filters and your profile.


freelancer for android

#10 Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs


Are you confident in your skills and looking for a freelancer job?

Freelancer is an app for the freelancer people and crowdsourcing marketplace. The app is a best online crowdsourcing that connects employers and freelancers. With freelance work from home or from anywhere in the world and say hello to a flexible job life.

The user interface is very simple, just create a free account and bid on the projects that suit’s your skills.

You can also communicate with the employer with an instant built-in messenger. Start your work only when the payment milestone is set, even the freelancer is protected by a secure platform. It has got projects from every category.


#11 Snagajob


From the purview of design and features, Snagajob is a perfect android app for your job search needs.

You can apply for jobs based on category and your preferences from a ton of jobs.

However, it also offers some unique functionalities such as daily notifications, job updates and personality and technical test for employers.

There is a lot of variety in android job search apps. You may even find some other job search apps which may cater to your needs.

The aforementioned list of apps is cataloged based on user reviews, authenticity, functionalities offered and job search opportunities.

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