Are you looking for some paid or free apps like Google voice? Then jump on this article, as here we are discussing best google voice alternative android apps for you to try.

google voice alternative

Things have changed and are not same as it used to be a few years back. Now that you can have face to face calling or video calling apart from the old voice calling. Things have changed drastically and with this change, people have been benefited a lot. Google has taken over the technological market from since many years and the Android Operating system is under Google.

Actually, branding does matter and that is the reason for apps created by Google is in high demand. Google Voice is an extremely simple and easy service which helps you to interact with family and companions and to deal with your business correspondences too. You get a free number from the available numbers in your zones and that can be utilized for calls, messages and to check voice messages, all from a similar area. Their services  underpin numerous stages including Android and iOS, giving you the adaptability to keep in contact with others, notwithstanding when you are in a hurry.

Best Google Voice Alternative Android Apps

Google Voice empowers free calls with a web Association and it offers an assortment of alternatives that enable you to customize your interchanges. You can make worldwide calls, local phone calls, send texts from the web interface, square undesirable calls and considerably more.

Apart from Google Voice, there are other Google voice alternatives and similar apps found on the Google play store. Let us look at them

 skype android1) Skype

Price: Free

   Download Skype

Everyone who is fond of technology knows what Skype is. For those who have a little information on what Skype is, it is actually a service which is quite similar to Google voice service but you can say by the time Google voice was in level 1, Skype was in level 9. So basically Skype is the godfather of popular voice services and best google voice alternative that exists all over the world. Let us look at some of the features of this app like google voice.


  • This is available for other operating systems as well, apart from Android.
  • With Skype mobile app you can send voice messages, videos, images and doc files apart from texting.
  • You can call from your Skype to another Skype account for free of cost.
  • The add-ins feature is great as you can send text messages without switching apps.
  • The highlight feature helps you to share stories which stay active till 7 days.
  • The latest version of the android app is and was updated on May 23rd 2017 in Playstore.

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line22) Line2

Price: Free

   Download Line2

Line2 is another alternative for Google voice and is much popular. They tend to provide you with a second line which can be then used for business purpose as well. The line2 is available on the Android as well as ios platform too. Apart from making and receiving calls, you can send text messages with jpg attachments. They have two types of plans actually, one is the personal plan which is priced slightly lower than the business plan. The business plan allows you with some extra features like simultaneous call forwarding and after hour call handling, apart from other features. Let us take a look at some of the other features of Line2.


  • You will be eligible for unlimited MMS and SMS with both the plans, once you register for their service.
  • You will get 5000 minutes of voice calling with both the plans.
  • The things you get extra with a business plan is simultaneous call forwarding after hours call handling, toll-free number with texting, and auto attendant feature.
  • Other feature includes transfer your existing number for free, responsive ui, call forwarding and much more.

twilio3) Twillio

Price: Free

   Check Twilio

Twilio is a telephone utility intended for developers to assemble their own particular telephone fuelled applications over. Much the same, as a value-based email administration can send email messages for you over an API.  Twilio gives you a chance to put and get calls, SMS and MMS messages, and more with only a couple of lines of code. You can get a phone number for you easily. You can make or get a call or SMS quickly through Twilio’s web application to test your number, or pick another number in any country where Twilio is available. Let us look at some of the features


  • The Twilio is basically a voice API that has numbers from all over the world.
  • It has all the basic tools for sending mms, voice messages and videos
  • Call routing, conferencing, recording is not an issue when you use Twilio.
  • You can use their in app messaging and video API to add features to your designed apps.

mightycall4) Mightycall

Price: Free

   Check MightCall

MightyCall is a progressed virtual telephone framework that combines client calls, online networking remarks, and messages into a solitary line for streamlined issue following. Its intended interest group are overwhelmingly little and mid-level market members who depend on conveying quality telephone benefits, and examining customer information in a less tedious way.  What clients get with MightyCall is in actuality a unified virtual assistant framework that procedures all calls that customers get by means of without toll, nearby, or vanity telephone numbers.


  • To help conventional desires and existent database associations, Mighty Call will likewise interface with any phone gadget you have set up, including landline and gathering numbers, and even the cell phones of your colleagues.
  • Their service was specially intended to provide international, vanity or toll free numbers
  • Since their services are cloud hosted and hence you don’t have to worry about updating or managing anything.
  • Mighty call provides you with a virtual assistant which stays active 24×7.

ring central5) Ring central

Price: Free

   Download Ring Central

Ring Central offers independent companies and small scale businesses an adaptable, cloud-based VoIP communication benefit that is stuffed with cutting edge highlights like group calling, videoconferencing and call attendant features at reasonable prices. Ring Central Office incorporates all PBX administration functions, portable application use on Android and iOS, and boundless calling. It likewise incorporates free calls up to 1000 minutes. It has Microsoft office integration and call logging features as well.


  • You will be eligible for toll free numbers and local numbers upon registering with their services
  • They will list you in directories which will promote your business.
  • The auto receptionist feature greets your users and transfers the calls of those users to the designated places.
  • Upon registering you will get mobile apps and desktop apps for every platform.
  • The other features include cloud storage integrations, outlook integration and Internet fax services.

hushed app6) Hushed app

Price: Free

   Download Hushed app

Hushed is the worldwide pioneer in furnishing individuals with private, second telephone numbers. A Hushed number is perfect for getting another guest ID or keeping your genuine number private for any reason. Pick another telephone number from 40+ nations with no need of any agreement. With this app you can have crystal clear quality of voice cal. The customer support is pretty responsive and gives prompt reply. The hushed app gives you a temporary number or you can say a second number which is pretty helpful, if you want to keep your primary number to be private. Let us see some other interesting features of this app.


  • You will get access to your phone contacts list but this number will not show up in the caller id.
  • You can send text messages to other people having the Hushed app.
  • You can customise your voicemail and make a personal greeting too.
  • The auto reply feature is great as you can send automatically generated replies when you are busy.
  • The best part of the app is that you can sync your drop box to this app so that you can easily save your important files and Medias.

phonebooth7) Phone booth app

Price: Free

   Download PhoneBooth App

The phone booth is the perfect alternative for Google voice service. It provides uninterrupted, affordable and full featured VOIP systems for your small business.  They are one of the fast growing telecommunication service providers in the United States.  They are the cloud based voice over IP provider. They are the division of The features they provide for what they charge is great and hence it is totally a value for money. Let us take a look at its features


  • You can route your calls and that too without the use of app when you sign up for their services.
  • There are no contracts and you will get a support of 24×7.
  • You can record your customised greeting or can also customise your voice mail too.
  • You can port your previous number to this number hassle free but they may charge $1 for every toll free number you add.
  • Other features include HD voice calling, voicemail to phone or email, and a web based UI.
  • You can either purchase a device from them which is not mandatory as you can use your device too.

talkray8) Talkray

Price: Free

   Download Talkray

Talkray is an alternative to Google voice services and is best known for HD voice calling. This is a free voice calling service and is available for Android based platform. This is available in all countries and their registration is even fast and simple. Although they claim to provide HD voice calling but it totally depends upon the internet connectivity you are using, so if you are using wifi connectivity then you may get better voice quality and so on. Upon installation it will sync all your contacts and you can connect to any of your contact without any hassle with their services. Let us look at some other features of this app.


  • You can call one person or more than one person ie a group at a time with HD voice calling.
  • You can share with one click and can do multi tasking too.
  • Conference calling works pretty fine with this app.
  • It has an amazing active person indicator so that you can know who is active and who is not.
  • The video calling feature is not available as of now but you can expect it in near future.

telzio9) Telzio

Price: Free

   Download Telzio

Telzio is an alternative for Google voice, which provides effective cloud communication solution for small and medium sized businesses.  They offer SIP trunking so that you don’t have to look for any other third party sip trunking providers. With no fees per user, their pricing is based on monthly usage. Their pricing is more focused on how many telephone numbers is the company using?  Their installations are quite easy and you will get professional PBX systems when you subscribe for their services. Here is some of the other features that telzio have in store.


  • Their services are integrated into both web and mobile configuration.
  • Automated call management feature helps you to get all the tools necessary for handling your business.
  • The team collaboration feature enables your team to interact with each other easily.
  • There are no limitations on how many users you include or how many extensions you use.
  • Other features include conferencing and voicemail with custom welcome message.

 callr10) CallR

Price: Free

   Check Callr

This is another API for voice and messaging services which can be a good alternative for Google.  Their services are available in over 200+ countries. The CallR API has two interfaces viz the Call trackR and sendR. You can easily generate in-store and online traffic with this API which will ultimately engage more and more traffic to your business. CallR is a good  Api for voice and messaging services. Let’s look at its other features.


  • Call recording and call tracking gets easier with CallR.
  • You can set whatever rules you want for routing the incoming calls on CallR.
  • You can send personalised messages or notifications which will keep your customers glued to your business.
  • You can also track incoming calls and can also find, from where they get your numbers from.
  • The other features of CallR include IVR, SMS API, SMS automation, transactional SMS, and transcription of voice mail.

video meeting11) Video meeting

Price: Free

   Download Video Meeting app 

VideoMeeting is one another alternative to Google voice and is a free and open source video conference arrangement worked to have video calls and visits utilizing your web program. It is conveyed over It is an unadulterated web application in light of WebRTC that can give correspondence includes inside your web program without expecting to introduce anything. You can meet anyone from anywhere in this device. You can create a new room or can go with the default name of the room. There are other features of video meeting, let us take a look at them.


  • You can chat, video call or video conference with anyone in the world.
  • You don’t need anything extra to use their features as a web browser can do all the functions.
  • You can manage your webcam as every time it will ask for permission while operating the webcam.
  • The video conferences done with video meeting are far more efficient as it incorporates with web browser to give better audio video services.
  • You can invite your friends to join your room too.

ring412) Ring 4

Price: Free

   Download Ring4

This Google voice alternative is generally for the iphone users as this is available in the app store. This calling app includes unlimited temporary numbers or 2nd lines.  The sms text messages are free of cost. You can call to land phone or cell phone from this app. This app only works whenever your device is connected to an active internet connection over cellular data or wifi. Let us take a look at the other features that are included under their services.


  • You can manage multiple phone numbers using one account.
  • Their services are available in over 20+ countries and the smart phone numbers are available in the few countries like Canada, US, UK, Austria, Belgium and France.
  • With their monthly subscription plan you can unlock an unlimited subscription plan.
  • Other features include customisable voicemail, blocking / unmasking, and DND mode.
  • You can delete any smart phone number at any time you want.

zaplee13) Zaplee

Price: Free

   Check Zaplee

Zaplee enables organizations and small businesses to make instant call centers and office telephone frameworks/systems in very short span of time. Zaplee keeps running on Skype and Google Voice and offers a facilitated attempted and-tried call focus arrangement so any organization can be up and running in minutes, calls are rapidly and effectively directed to your kin regardless of the possibility that circulated, virtual, or working at home. Let us take a look at its features.

  • Zaplee works irrespective of the phone company you are using.
  • Local and toll free numbers are available over 40 countries.
  • You can customise a greeting for your voicemail or general call.
  • The other features include call routing, call forwarding, multi call capability, call recording, customisable hold music and many more.

Grasshopper app14) Grasshopper

Price: Paid

   Download Grasshopper

This is a paid PBX system and a good alternative for Google voice. Generally, Grasshopper provides you with a PBX system that has simplicity and basic functionality of a business grade app. You can use their services on your smartphone or landlines. Although you need to signup for their services and subscribe to a plan of your choice to continue enjoying benefits from their services. Their services include all the basic functionalities that a PBX system generally has, let us take a look at other features


  • The best way to access their services is by the help of Android app.
  • You can choose the number that fits best for your business.
  • You can customise the greeting message and can also set a different customisable greeting for your voicemail too.
  • You can add employees and other sections to ease up your working process.
  • You can access your voicemail and other messages from anywhere.

freedom pop app15) Freedom Pop

Price: Free

   Download Freedom Pop

Freedom pop is one more alternative to Google voice with some great features. Freedom pop is totally free of cost to use. There is no requirement of signing up or contract to use their services. They offer different types of plans which can range from family to business and although their service is free to use, you need to pay for the device just. you can also use their android app if you dont want to buy the device. Let us take a look at other plans and features of freedom pop.


  • The basic plan includes 500 texts, 200 minutes of voice calling and 500 MB cellular data every month.
  • Get huge discounts when you use other carriers in their device/app
  • You can make an International call to over 60 countries.
  • you can make unlimited calling on other freedom pop phones.
  • you can earn a lot of data or voice calling minutes with the offers that they provide.


Basically if you have a number which you use for your family then you can’t use it for your work place because then you might be called when you are off duty. You, may not spend quality time with your friends or family due to this  and that is why Google voice or its alternatives are necessary. The alternatives that are shown here can be of great value to you. There is a possibility that not every alternative may work fine for you and thus it is highly recommended that you must check the reviews of other users first before going to a decision. Also some of the alternatives may give you free trials or money back guarantee which will be very beneficial for you and your business.


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