The beasts are now walking in the town. Yeah, I am talking about the Samsung galaxy s8 and S8 Plus. Both are the Super sexier and Hottest Android Smartphone available currently. Both of the smartphones comes with 4 GB of RAM and an unbeaten (At least till now) 1.9 GHz Octa-Core processor. So, If you purchased it and not using it for gaming purpose, then trust me you are ignoring the power of these smartphones.

best games for samsung s8

Well, If you haven’t tried playing games on these beasts, then don’t worry because in this Article I have compiled a list of 10 Best Games for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. All of these games are easily available on play store.

Best Games for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

#1 Clash of Clans

Price: Free

   Download COC

One of the most downloaded game which has made the world crazy about it. It is a strategic-action video game which can be played solo or with a team. The game comes with single player and Multiplayer mode, and Inside the game, you have to create your own village and then protect it from other players.

The Game was at its peak when you play it multiplayer and then Other Online players attacks on your village and protect their own village.The game comes with few in-app purchases, Which helps you in building and improving the strength of your empire so it would not be so much easy to attack your village.

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#2. MineCraft: Pocket Edition

Price: Free

   Download Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among peoples of all ages around the world. If you haven’t played Minecraft till yet, then Minecraft will put you in a giant world where you have to mine stuff, build stuff and fight with bad guys. There is two type of modes in this game, In survival mode, you must have to mine your own resources and manage for food while in creative mode you’ll get everything unlimited to use.

The latest updates of Minecraft has made so many changes in it and Added new content and possibilities. The team of Minecraft is working with Its PC Counterpart and then It will be a full fledged game rather than a Pocket Edition.


#3. Pokemon GO

Price: Free

   Download Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO, Which is based on the cartoon series of Pokemon has made all of its fan mad. Just after the launch of the game, It has become one of the best game ever. Pokemon Go connects you with the Real world and allows you to find Pokemon and catch them all. The Game has beaten all of the possible records since its launch. The game gets regular updates and these updates have changed It totally from its early launch time.

This is the time to change the world of games and by connecting virtual world with our real world.

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#4. AION: Legions of War

Price: Free

   Download Legions of War

AION: Legions of War 3D RPG game which is freely available to play. The Game features with different types of game modes, Turn-based combat, and a High-end Graphics. Just play the game and reveal all of the secrets on AION Universe. The Combat of game is automated, and His power of can be unleashed on the required time. You can unlock the different type of weapons in this game by founding them.

You can change the look of hero manually as this game comes with more than 100+ types of skins. You can build your hero according to your enemy by understanding types of skills enemy has. The game is so cool and Graphics is just Insane.

#5. WWE Immortals

Price: Free

   Download WWE

WWE Immortals is a game where all of our favorite WWE superstars turn in Immortals and fight in Mortal combat. When you’ll play the game you’ll feel that all of your favorite WWE Superstars has changed, not only by looks but also with powers and Skills. Each and everyone has changed totally and with superpowers. You can create a team of 3 players and then you can play it with Other opponents. It is a multiplayer game which you can play online against other online players.

The WWE Immortals will turn the level of fighting games to another level. The game comes with so many skills for players to make the game more interesting.

#6. Asphalt Xtreme

Price: Free

   Download Asphalt Xtreme 

Another awesome racing game from Gameloft in the series of Asphalt Racing Games. The game comes with a high graphics and a must play game for all of the gaming lovers especially if you love to play racing games. Asphalt Xtreme is like other simple racing games and is straight forward to use, simply pick the car, go forward and control the steering.

For controlling your car you simply have to tilt your smartphone. After winning the race, you’ll get few coins which you can use for unlocking new stuff and Levels on the game. If you own a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 plus, It is a must check game for you. 😉

#7. Into the Dead 2

Price: Free


Into the dead 2 is the sequel of zombie shooting game (Into the Dead) and made by PikPok Action games. The previous version of this game has more than 70+ Million downloads from Play store. The game is all about hunting for life, In this zombie world. In this game, you’ll get so many types of guns and Armours for killing all the zombies out there.

Into the dead 2 comes with 7 New Chapters with more than 60 stages and Hundreds of challenges. There are so many weapons available but you can unlock so many powerful weapons like bombs, firearms, and explosives. The game has so many new features like multiple locations and others.

#8. Sniper Ghost Warrior

Price: Free


Sniper Ghost Warrior is a game for all the action lovers there. It is a game with around 200+ missions where you have to release hostages and complete missions by killing their bosses. The game come with 6 stunning locations. The game is packed with so many weapons like rifles, Graneds, and machine guns. you can simply unlock more weapons available there.

If you are an action lover then must try this game on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. The game is freely available on play store to download and play. 😉

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#9. GTA Vice City

Price: Free

   Download GTA Vice City

The love of Every game lover, Rockstar Games’ GTA Vice City has recently launched for Android and Just smashed the Android Gaming market hardly. The game is packed with different types of guns and cars in it. GTA Vice city is a good game with the controller so if you want to play it in a fantastic way you must have to buy a controller as the game stuck in few conditions.

GTA Vice city has so many great features and as It is Inspired by the real and original game of Vice city. The game has a great high-end graphics which make it play more interesting.

#10. World War Heroes WW2

Price: Free


World War Heroes is an online action multiplayer game. The game come with 5 Different type of Maps so you can make your own strategies to fight against your enemy. It’s a multiplayer online game so you can build your team to play. The game comes with 20+ weapons preloaded. One of the best online multiplayer game I have ever played.


For a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, There are various of games available. There is a wide range of Android games, But this list contains my favorite games. All of these games are good with their graphics or Are popular among peoples and comes with a great strategy. I personally suggest you check these games once.Many of the games in the list are best with its graphics and These are my All time favorite games.

Even If you think that I have forgotten to add any of your favorite game which has the ability to contain this list, please mention in the comment section so I can update my list with those games. 😉

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