Who doesn’t love playing games on their mobile right? When you’re shopping with your girl and couldn’t find the table where you can sit so you turn on your phone and start playing your favorite game. Games are a great way to pass time and have fun while doing it. Also, games have the power to change your mood too. As anyone on earth who owns a smartphone knows that games can be really expensive. And the ones which are free are nowhere as fun as the paid ones and even if they are, they are filled with annoying ads and expensive in app purchases.

best game hacker apps

What do we do about it?

Should we buy the expensive paid Android game? Nope

Should we buy expensive in app purchases to enjoy the game’s full potential? Definitely not.

Let me gonna introduce you to game hacker applications.

What are game hacking android apps?

Game hacker apps for android allow you to change the code of the games and use it to for your player advantage. For example. Mobile strategy games require you to collect resources to progress. They are usually in form of coins, gold etc. Game hacker applications allow you to manipulate those numbers. That means you can have unlimited number coins. Cool right and guess what! you don’t need any technical skills or coding to do it, the application does it for you. Just a quick reminder any of these apps do not work on online games. The game hacker application changes the data on your device, not the cloud where the online game’s data is stored. If there is any mismatch between the data online and the data on your device it might result in getting your account banned.

Top 5 Game Hacking Apps for Android

There are plenty of gamer hacker apps available in the market. I have picked the best 5 game hacker apps for android (they are personally tested by me).

Here are those below.

creehack hacker app1) CreeHack

Price – Free

Device – Non-rooted / Rooted

Creehack is one of the best game hacker applications available in the market. Creed is one of the very rare applications on the market which does not require root on your device. So if you don’t want to root your android device and still have working game hacker apps on your device then this CreeHack is your perfect choice. What this app does is, it changes the cost of your gems of gems online to 0$ which does not require any card. All you need to do is open CreeHack and start your game and go to store. All the cost of the purchases will turn to 0$. Just click on buy and you are good to go.

Features –

1. This app will let you get in-app purchases for free.

2. There are some in-app purchases in this app like remove ads, upgrade to pro, unlimited coin, hints, characters etc.

3. You can check the whole list of tested games which can be hacked by this app by clicking here.

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lucky patcher app2) Lucky Patcher

Price – Free

Device – Rooted

Lucky Patcher is the most popular game hacker app available out there. If you are an android user there is a huge change that you might have heard of it. Lucky Patcher allows you to remove ads from all apps and games on your device. Lucky Patcher even gives access to all features of games and apps. The only downside of Lucky Patcher is that it requires root. It does all that in just matter of few seconds. It certainly is my favorite game hacker application on this list.

sb hacker app3) SB Game Hacker

Price – Free

Device – Non-rooted / Rooted

SB Game Hacker is another great game hacker app in the list. SB Game Hacker is the one of the most efficient game hacking application which carries out its function with ease. Not only does it stops ads on game and apps but also bypass license registration which will allow you to enjoy the game entirely. The game hacking application has extremely positive reviews which make a statement about its quality. All in all, overall great application to fullfill your needs.

Features –

1. You can hack almost any online games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day etc though you won’t be able to save data as all the records are saved in their servers.

2. This app is free to use.

3. You will get unlimited money, lives, gold, gems etc.

4. It has an option of search which allows us to hack any particular part of the game.

leoplay card app4) Leo Playcard

Price – Free

Device – Non-rooted(Limited Functionality) / Rooted (Full functionality)

Just like other applications on the list Leo Playcard also allows you to play android games for free. What makes this app stand out from the rest is that the application doesn’t require root. Which means that all you need to do is download and install the application and start getting benefits. Leo Playcard synchronizes with the games in your device and makes desired changes in them. All in all, another great gamer hacker application.

Features –

1. This app doesn’t require root access though if you root your device, then you can also enjoy extra root-only benefits from this app

2. It can bypass any in-app purchase and App payment for free

AppCIH and GameCIH5) AppCIH and GameCIH

Price – Free

Device – Rooted

I have saved best for the last. AppCij and GameCIH is a developer tool offered by AppCIH and GameCIH. With over 1,000,000 installs on play store and positive reviews, this game hacker application is a complete beast. This application allows you to view and edit your apps shared preference, SQLite database, and data/data folder files with ease. You can modify almost all resources in your games with little to no efforts. The only downside of the app is that it doesn’t work with no rooted android device. If there is one reason to root your device, this app should be it.

Download link.


These are the 5 best game hacker apps for android which will help you to mod or hack any android game for free. Even if you are a pro player, you might want to use some cheats or hacks. Its fun 😉

There might be other game hacking apps for android so if you find or use any other game hacking apps which you think should be listed in this list of game hacking apps then do comment below.



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