We are connected with Internet on a wide very aspect, and each of use it so daily so often that there are chances of getting affected by this technology. Chances of getting infected by viruses which can lead to stealing your personal data have grown up. For that reason we need Firewalls.

firewall apps for android

Firewalls, as the name suggests are walls of fire acting as the barrier between the internet and devices connected to the internet. The firewall comes in two types of Software and Hardware, for obvious reasons your personal computer are more protected then your android devices as they have built-in hardware firewalls in the routers, whereas on the other hand your Android Smartphone, which does almost half of what a personal computer does.

What Can We Do To Resolve it ?

We can go for software firewalls, which are called applications on your smartphones. Now here are a few advantages of software firewalls over hardware firewalls

  • Monitor Outgoing Traffic
  • Customisation Options

So for obvious reasons, you would be installing applications on your Android Devices. So here are Best Firewalls Applications for Android

1. NoRoot Firewall

NoRoot Firewall, according to us is one of the best applications you will on the internet and as well as on the play store. The name itself defines itself, this particular application requires No Rooting, which is less messing up your phone. Apart from that, the developers have provided clean and minimal settings, giving users a user-friendly interface to access them and use this application.

Coming to the important part, the application has a super quality of control of outgoing and incoming traffic based on IP, Hostname and Domain Name. It works in a simple manner asking you to permissions whether you would like to share your data with the respective application or webpage. Easy, Quick and certainly the best. Here’s the link to download NoRoot Firewall

   Download NoRoot Firewall

2. Mobiwol 

Mobiwol is another best application for firewall settings on your Android Devices. Similar to the NoRoot Firewall application above, Mobiwol too doesn’t need to have your phone rooted in advance to run this application. Mobiwol being a very easy to setup applications has a Rules log where you will find everything you need to for a firewall setup. On the Rules sections, you decide how you want it.

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So basically everything is customizable right from the purpose of the applications, users will be able to control the type of traffic they want and accordingly the application will reroute the traffic and monitor it to keep the device from malware and viruses on the internet. Other than that you can also disable the background activities of the applications you select and can also access data by monitoring the traffic on your Android Device. Here’s the link to download Mobiwol

   Download Mobiwol

3. Net Guard

One more into the list of Best firewall applications for Android Devices is NetGuard. Net Guard similar to other two applications doesn’t require rooting your cellphone. I personally found NetGuard very attractive with the way they used orange and green color theme throughout the application.

Coming to the features, this application similar to other gives you safe browsing options by monitoring the web pages and asking you permissions whether to share your personal information. Few additional features which make Net Guard to our list are that the application uses less data, uses very little of your battery juice and of course, keeps you protected. Here’s the link to download Net Guard

  Download NetGuard

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The Outro

As we discussed here, what firewalls really are and how do they help us to keep away from the malware and virus from the internet. The three mentioned applications are certainly the best applications you will find on the play store, so whichever you install, your purpose would be achieved.

And just in case if you have any other way to keep your Android protected, feel free to share in the comment sections. Also, don’t forget to read “How To Add Firewall To Your Android Device For Safe Browsing” from the link above. Stay Tuned! Happy Surfing!

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