Here, we have featured our 8 best custom ROMs for Google Pixel and Google Pixel Xl reviewing out of tons of custom roms available for Google Pixel

The reason why Android is one of the most loved OS is that it is an open-source platform. Thus Android allows various developers to take the source code from Google and recreate/modify the operating system images to develop their pictures for all the Android phones and tablets. An OS built by altering the standard code of Android from scratch is called a Custom ROM.

Custom ROMs For Pixel

A Custom ROM replaces the Stock ROM (Android OS image installed on your android device
by the OEM manufacturer). Moreover, Custom ROMs developed from the beginning come with a kernel of their own thus making the modified OS standalone and unique. Mostly developers from the Android Community customizes the already available Android OS by getting rid of some of the unnecessary applications installed by the carrier or your OEM to deliver a pure and complete Android experience.

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Depending on the developer community every Custom ROM receives regular updates and
patches to fix all the bugs and related issues on your Android device. However, the most
important reason to have a Custom ROM is to experience the latest Android OS even if the
support for the same is not available.

Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel/Pixel XL

You can find below a list of the Best Custom ROMs available for the Google Pixel/Pixel XL. For installing any Custom ROM on your Google Pixel/Pixel XL, you need to have TWRP Recovery installed on your device. Using TWRP, you can flash the .zip file for any custom ROM on your Google Pixel/Pixel XL device. Checkout our guide to install TWRP

While there are many custom ROMs available for the Google Pixel/Pixel XL, not every Custom ROM can be used as a daily driver as it might not be stable. However, each Custom ROM offers different customizations and different features.

Depending on your preferences and likes you can choose one from the below list of Custom ROMs.

1) Lineage OS

Lineage OSLineage OS is the legacy of one of the most famous custom firmware, straight from the
developers of the CyanogenMod or as popularly known CM. It is one of the best custom rom for google pixel and google pixel xl.

The people were immensely disappointed when the company behind Cyanogen.Inc withdrew the support and development for Android mods. While many believed that a new community of developers would fill the hole created by the absence of CyanogenMod, things seemed to take quite a turn when Lineage OS debuted. The return of Lineage OS finally calmed the chaos of uncertainty created by the absence of CyanogenMod.

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Today Lineage OS has become one of the best community to deliver to Custom ROMs rich in features and performance. The Lineage OS ROM available for Google Pixel/Pixel XL consists of a bunch of features like Customizable Status bar, Various Themes, Resizing Navigation bar, Navigation Bar color, and a lot of tweaks and customization like Quick Toggle feature, and many more.

Lineage OS ROM for Google Pixel/XL:


2) AOSPExtended ROM

AOSPExtended ROM

AOSP Extended ROM is primarily based on the AOSP Source code. It brings a host of different cherry-picked commits from various projects.

Moreover, the AOSP based kernel on AOSPExtended ROM provides not only a smooth and buttery experience out of the box, but it also manages to add various tweaks and customizations of other devices to your Pixel/Pixel XL smartphone.

Furthermore, the developer has promised to add more features and regularly future updates. The best features available on AOSPExtended ROM are indeed the Status bar and Lockscreen customizations, the DU’s navbar/Flingbar, AOSPA Pie, etc.

AOSP Extended ROM for Google Pixel/XL:


3) CrDroid ROM

CrDroid ROM

Designed for the performance boost and reliability over the Stock Android, crDroid is filled with some of the latest features available today. Even though, the custom ROM is based on Lineage OS and practically uses the same Kernel as it, CrDroid offers much better stability than Lineage OS and can be used as a daily driver on your Pixel/Pixel XL smartphone.

Apart from some algorithmic stabilizations and software tweaks, CrDroid features some decent customizations to tweak various settings on your Pixel/Pixel XL Android smartphone.

 CrDroid Custom ROM for Google Pixel:


 CrDroid Custom ROM for Google Pixel XL:


4) Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix

A perfect blend of stability from CM and impressive features by Slim, Omni and original Remix ROMs, Resurrection Remix offers an enticing combination of performance, power,
customization, and stability.

Not only does the Resurrection Remix custom ROM boast of some of the newest features but it also combines a horde of best highlights from all the open source custom ROMs offering an ultimately stable Android experience packed with new customizations.

Resurrection Remix Custom ROM for Google Pixel:


Resurrection Remix Custom for Google Pixel XL:




An offering from the BEST community, AICP ROM also known as Android Ice Cold Project. It
was started on Desire HD and had since then evolved into a powerful custom ROM. After
Android 5.0 Lollipop, the ACIP custom ROM was based on AOKP.

However, when the developer from AKOP stopped development, the AICP Custom ROM has changed its source to Lineage OS and has become an instant hit among the Pixel XL fans.

AICP Custom ROM for Google Pixel XL:


6) OmniROM


The latest offering from some of the well-renowned developers on the Android ecosystem like Chainfire, Xplodwild, and Dees_Troy, OmniROM is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

The ROM has been developed keeping in mind lots of customization, and enhancement.
Moreover, OmniROM also supports some of the unique features available across other ROMs as well.

Omni ROM for Google Pixel:


7) CarbonROM


Carbon ROM was developed as a customized version to the AOSP ROM and is well known for its fluid performance despite a hot of custom features and tweaks. CarbonROM is bloat free and features regular updates and bug fixes.

The team of developers behind CarbonROM is dedicated and committed to striving hard for providing a seamless Android experience to their fans.

Carbon ROM for Google Pixel: 


Carbon ROM for Google Pixel XL:


8) Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android

Introduced in 2017 with Android Nougat, Paranoid Android 2017 went to become famous for its performance and customizations. While the latest build brings the new features from the Android Nougat build, it also adds some elements of the developer preview of Android 8.1 Oreo.

Paranoid Android Custom ROM based on the 7.1.2 Android Nougat offers features like Pie-Control, binaries for custom cameras/dual cameras, Gesture Support, Immersive mode and OTA updates.

Paranoid Android ROM for Google Pixel:


Paranoid Android ROM for Google Pixel XL:


The above list consists of an array of Custom ROMs based on the Android 8.1 Oreo and Android 7.1.2 Nougat packed with performance, stability, enriching features and latest functionalities of the Android OS.

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