The most popular and best selling Operating system in the market is an Android Smartphone. With Android operating system, there are lots of possibilities. The prices of those devices with an Android Operating system are much less in the market than any other Operating system.

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Android Operating system is no doubt the best Operating system in the market but this very operating system does not come with 100% perfection. When a Device running on Android Operating system is used for very long time say 5 to 6 months without formatting then it may subject to store caches and dump files and which may create lag in user experience.

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This lag is the main reason our device becomes slow. The solution to this problem lies in the cleaner and optimizer apps for Android. Here are the 10 best cleaner and optimiser apps for android.

Clean master1) Clean Master

   Download Clean master

Clean master is the most primitive cleaner and optimiser app for Android Smartphone.  The app has over 500 million downloads and has a rating of 4.7 from 40,656,397 reviews. The clean master app is basically a space maker and also acts as an antivirus. This means it can detect cache files, dump files and unused APK’s and deletes them freeing storage space for your device. The antivirus scans through apps and folders to find any infections and deletes them. The clean master also has a feature which helps to encrypt your personal photos, thus safeguarding them. The other features include Wifi security, mobile boost by freeing RAM, battery saver, Applock, chargemaster, I swipe and app manager.

Du Speed Booster  & cleaner2) Du Speed Booster  & cleaner

   Download DU Speed

This app was developed by DU apps studio and is very popular cleaner and optimiser app for android. The app has about 100 million downloads and has got a rating of 4.5 stars out of 12,573,706 reviews. The app helps in removing the background processes and clears up RAM memory which helps to make your device faster. It also clears the junk files, freeing up space for you. It claims to provide security from malware. It also provides network security and enhances the download and uploads speed. The other features include Apps manager, Applock, smart charge and DU swipe.

All-in-one toolbox 3) All-in-one toolbox 


This is one cleaner and optimiser app by AIO software technology. The app has over 10 million downloads and has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 489,546 reviews. The app claims to provide all the cleanser and optimiser tools under one roof. The All-in-one toolbox will clean your phone junk, erase history that is of no use, boost the speed of your device, and optimises battery power and much more. The installation of the app does not take much time as the app is very less in size. Furthermore, upon installing the app you will get battery saver, photo compression tool, CPU cooler, app manager, boot setup, start-up apps customisation, easy swipe, notification manager, and smart charge. There are other tools available with the app too.

360 Security4) 360 Security

   Download 360 Security

360 Security is a pretty reliable cleaner, customizer, and booster that take very less time to get installed on your device. It has a very clean and user-friendly interface. The app has over 50 million downloads with a rating of 4.5 stars from 2,099,143 reviews. Installing the app shows no sign of lagging whereas in some apps there may be a problem of lagging. The app has an Antivirus engine and deletes useless android apks which may consume some of the device’s storage memory. The other features include phone boost, Game boost, power saver, app lock, and privacy. The app’s Game boost feature is amazing as it shut down all the background running apps whenever the device enters a game. 360 Security Lite works almost with all handsets.

SD Maid5) SD Maid

   SD Maid

This is a good system cleaning tool which will work on almost all Android devices. The App is 4.5 MB which means it will not take much of storage memory. The app has over 10 million installs and is rated 4.5 stars from 210,075 reviews. The interface of the app is clean and user-friendly as well. The app helps to clear the junk files or the remains of an uninstalled android app, freeing up space in your device storage memory, which is unless blocked by these junk files. The app offers its own version of the File Explorer, removes suspicious files from your device, manages apps, optimises databases, detect spam media like duplicate images/videos or music and cleans them and also does actual app cleaning by removing the cache files. You can also search for files by name, date or content through this app.

CC cleaner6) CC cleaner

   Download CC Cleaner

CC cleaner has been developed by Piriform, which is also a renowned maker of PC and Mac `cleaning apps. The 5 MB app has over 50 million downloads and has a rating of 4.4 stars from 748,001 reviews. Apart from cleaning and normal features, with CC cleaner you can monitor your android system like checking the usage of your CPU, keeping track of your RAM/Internal storage and check out the battery levels along with the temperature of the device. The other features include speeding up your phone by removing junk files, cleaning cache, deleting call logs or messages, and uninstalling various unwanted apps too. The app has a very user-friendly interface and is very neat.


Mobile Booster & Cleaner7) Mobile booster & cleaner


Mobile booster and cleaner is an android app developed by McAfee LL for boosting and cleaning your Android device. The app has over1 million downloads with a rating of 4.3 stars from 65,658 reviews. The app provides the quick boost with one tap boost which is also responsible for providing you with instant summary upon completion of a boost. The app has battery saver feature which helps to improve the battery life of your device. The other features include Storage cleaner, speed booster, data monitor, and data usage tracker. The photo cleanup feature in the app is good as it can detect duplicate photos and acts accordingly. The app has various language support as well and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store.

Droid optimizer8) Droid optimizer

   Download Droid Optimizer

Droid optimiser is a cleaner and optimiser app for the Android operating system developed by Ashampoo GmbH & Co.KG. The app has over 1 million downloads with a rating of 4.5 stars from 42,182 reviews. Their tagline is “More memory, more speed- free and without ads”, which means that you can enjoy its uninterrupted service without any irritating ads in it. Droid optimiser frees space from your device by cleaning all the clutters that build up upon usage of an app. The dro0id optimiser app claims to provide tight security from fishing or spy apps. The app helps to get your device a good battery life by optimising battery usage. The best part of the app is that you can get rewards in the form of images. The app has a lot of other features like accelerating, cleaning and optimising the device, terminating foreground and background apps, carrying out cleaning tasks automatically, finding and deleting big files which are of no use and much more. You can use a dark theme which helps to acts as a blue light reducer which lessens out the stress that your eyes receive and battery saver to increase battery life as well.

Mobile go9) Mobile go

   Download Mobile Go

MobileGo is an Android-based cleaner and optimiser app by Wondershare Software (H.K.) Co. Ltd. The app has about 1 million downloads and has been rated 4.4 stars from 40,039 reviews in Google Play store. The size of the app is 7.7 MB which makes it a low size app and this would not take much of your storage memory space of the device. The app provides all the basic features that a cleaner and optimiser app provide such as cleaning up RAM, boosting speed, quick start, App lock, deleting unwanted APK, app manager, backup, and file manager. The notable features of this app include mirroring your mobile phone on your PC over wifi. With this feature, you can easily transfer all your screen view to your PC and control your Android device from your PC. You can easily share data and files from your device to your PC over wifi with just one swipe. You can also share files from one phone to another phone or from one phone to a PC with the help of Mobile Go.

Simple system Monitor10) Simple system Monitor


This is another cleaner and optimiser app which is still in its developing stage. The app has 100 thousand downloads and is rated 4.6 from 1506 reviews. Now the main thing is that the app has some of the coolest features that you don’t get generally in other cleaner and optimiser app. The feature topping the list is its interface. The interface of the app is like it shows a histogram of CPU usage, RAM usage and other usages which you may not find typically in other cleaner and optimiser apps. This app is basically build to monitor your device’s statistics but apart from that you can also clear the RAM, test disc read/write speeds, clean cache, view temperatures, view battery health, and much more. Since the app is still in a developing phase and was developed for lollipop based smartphones hence it may not work on Android 6.0 and above properly. It can also check GPU statistics but then again it is limited to Adreno GPU only. You can also unleash other features of the app upon Rooting your device.


There are lots of cleaner apps on the market that claims to clean or boost your device and some of them are even not available in the Play store as well. Try to have an adequate research before installing such kinds of application, unless and untill you have got some recommendations from trusted persons on the app. There are some apps that are fake and does nothing except promoting ads only and some apps those which cannot be found on Google can even possess threat to your device as well.

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