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Smartphones are now attached so much to our daily lives that we might lost ourselves in the middle of nowhere or at the same can lose a lot of personal information, if we misplace our phone. Also there are chances of getting your pockets picked in at crowdy places. Just in case if you lost and your cellphone and want to track it, there are few trustworthy applications , you should get installed on another spare phone and trace it as soon as possible. Right next after this is a section for curious heads seeking to know how this works, you can skip directly to the list of applications we sorted out for the best cellphone tracking applications.

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How It Works ?

Out of curiosity everyone questions this piece of technology, about how does it work. The tracking works on a simple process of locating the transmitting and receiving element of the phone which is the same element which helps you communicate wirelessly from all around the world. If you are more interested in knowing different methods of locating a smartphone, then click here.

Here are the best applications you will find for tracking your lost or misplaced cellphone.

1) Find My Device

find my device

This free application from the developers of our very own trusted; Google Developers , allows you to track your cell phone within a short-range of distance. Some additionally features are the application keeps the track of your Android Wear. Not just that, you can clear data , lock the smartphone and drop a message on your phone. Lastly, if you go looking for it in the map , and if you are near it , you can ring the phone to find it out easily and all these occurs with leaving no clue to person who stole it , if that’s the case.

   Download Find My Device

2) mSpy

mspy for android

One more with a bang , this applications can do so much with your lost phone that your jaws will be dropped. Ofcourse , great things comes with price and this amazing application to track your phone too comes with a cost. This android tracking app gives you control over your phone sitting on the couch , not worrying about what’s going in and out of your cellphone. Here are some of its best features :

  • Use GPS location to locate your cellphone
  • Track incoming and outgoing calls
  • Track messages received and sent
  • Track Email sent and received
  • Monitor Internet Use
  • Access you calendar and Address books
  • Have a remote control over you phone
  • Wipe your data
  • Manage Apps
  • View Multimedia Files.

Unfortunately you would find this application on Google play , therefore you can download it from below.

   Download mSpy

3) FlexiSpy

As the name suggest , you can now spy on your lost or misplaced smartphone, well that doesn’t technically be spying because seeing your own belonging seems odd. However , if you lost your cellphone this application can help you track it and secure all your personal data. Some of interesting features about this application are:

  • You can spy your calls, messages, images, videos, files, Internet usage, applications, contacts etc.
  • Will be getting alert updates  when SIM card is changed.
  • You can now remote control you phone , by taking pictures from the camera or restart the device .

Although some very helpful features , the application comes with a cost and can be downloaded from the store. Here’s the download link

   Download FlexiSpy

4) Cerberus

Cerberus android tracker

Looking forward on few more applications , Ceberus makes it to the list due to some of the very common but good reasons. The availability of the application on Play Store and free of cost to install; this application makes you trace your lost smartphone very easy. The application consists a few features like tracking the phone by the GPS location. Secondly , the phone can be used to remote the lost phone , for example you can lock the phone , wipe off your personal data , record voices and get list of calls made or received for the lost phone. Lastly, there are alert settings to tell you if things like SIM card is changed or you can create a list of task you need alerts for when performed from the misplaced phone. The free application with some in app purchases can be alot of help to get back your valuable smartphone. Here’s where you can download Cerberus.

  Download Cerberus

5) Highster Mobile Phone Tracker 

One more free but cannot be found on the Play Store is Highster Mobile Phone Tracker. This application can be used for copy data from the dead phones too , if you want. Other than that the application can track your phone calls , locate the phone with the help of a GPS , locks the phone remotely or restarts it and also accessibility to camera so that you can take pictures.With all these , you can trace and get back your lost phone from anywhere at a free of cost. Here’s the link to download Highster Mobile Phone Tracker.

   Download Highster Mobile Phone Tracker

The Outro

Well I know how it feels when you have your phone lost and what amount of personal data you make live in the world for anyone to access it , but here you should act calm and smart while choosing the applications. I personally suggest trying the free ones , and if you don’t get there , pay for the extended purchase versions. But don’t hesitate investing , a lost phone is as good as losing documents of you existing and living on this planet. Good luck for the hunt ! Happy Surfing ! Glad we could help ! Happy Surfing !

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