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Are you sick of companies calling you to sell their dumb products? I too always get calls from these different companies who desperately want to sell them products. Be it their Hosting services, credit card loans and what not. It took me a long time to understand how these companies got my mobile number when I never gave to them. Turns out, often times when you register on websites or give your number to any company for registration purpose, many shady websites and company sell these data to other companies so they can use it to call you and advertise their products. It got me really pissed when I found about this. I  even stopped giving my number to website and companies.

Sadly, Sooner or later I knew I was going to come back for registration because my work demand checking different softwares to check which one works best for us. But this time I decided to register without giving my number. Although some companies allowed many others did not. I gave up and ended up started getting those calls again. This was until I learned that you can start blocking these calls, And it was a piece of cake. It got even easier as I started using different call block apps from play store. You can use these applications to not only block calls from advertisers but also unwanted people.

Best Call Blocking apps for Android

Here are the best call blocker apps for your device.

Calls Blacklist blocker for android1) Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

Price – Free



Call blacklist is one of the best call blocker apps in playstore. From blocking calls to blocking messages this app has got you covered on all sides. It is very easy to use and lightweight application which means no pressure on your device ram. The app is compatible with almost all android device due to being very light weight. Calls Blacklist is filled a ton of amazing features. Some of the great ones are blocking unknown number, blocking calls and messages using a blacklist, block private and hidden numbers, Block a range of numbers using the “Begins with” option, Block SMS from alphanumeric numbers, Use “Whitelist” to prevent the block of certain people and much more. There is a feature called ‘Log’ where you can see all logs of calls and messages blocked. It also has very positive reviews on playstore. The app also offers in app purchases which are as low 10 Rs per item.

  2) Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

Price – Free



Call Blocker Free is the top call blocker app offered by NQ Mobile Security. They are very well known mobile security community. Call blocker free. Just like call blocker blacklist, call blocker free is just as easy to use and light weight application. It also offers usual features like blocking unwanted calls and messages, white list, black lists, notifications after blocking. This app is also able to detect and stop one ring phone scams. The app is used by tens and thousands of people worldwide and has positive reviews on playstore. All in all, another great application to stop unwanted calls and messages.

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Mr. Number-Block calls & spam android3) Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Price – Free



Mr. Number is a call blocker app offered by Hiya. Hiya is a Seattle based company that provides caller profile information to help consumers identify incoming calls and block unwanted ones. Mr. Number does a great job of blocking unwanted messages and numbers. It makes it almost too easy to block calls and identify spam, scam, and fraud. Mr. Number allows you to block calls or messages from one person or an area code or the entire world. You can even report spam and messages to warn other users. Mr. number app is very light weight. The app is beautifully designed and is extremely easy to use. Mr. Number has been featured in numerous famous authority websites such as PcMag and Newyork times under categories like “best android application”, “Most popular android application” respectively. The app has even earned an Appy award for Best Communications App. You can even pick up a call and then send it to voicemail. They even offer In app product which varies from ₹ 53.01 – ₹ 106.56 per item.

Clearly one of the most powerful call blocker application on playstore.


Safest Call Blocker for android 4) Safest Call Blocker

Price – Free



Safest is a offered by company Warez My Software. Safest call blocker application was rated #1  by Beebom and Teacharena which are a very reputable name in the Android community. The free version of Safest call blocker comes with ads. You can remove the ads by buying the pro version from the playstore. If you don’t have a problem with ads, the free version works just fine with all features. Some of the amazing features are of course blocking calls and messages,  phone number black list, Wildcard Blacklist, personal blacklist, notifications after blocking, logs. The calls that get blocked don’t even ring once to avoid disturbance.

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Blacklist Plus android5) Blacklist Plus

Price – Free



Blacklist Plus is offered by Vlad Lee. Blacklist plus allows you to not only block numbers, specific contact and messages but also number starting from specific digit. For example. All telemarketers who call people to advertise their products usually use a similar type of numbers. You can use this features to block calls from these type of numbers. Blacklist Plus is a powerful call blocker which is extremely easy to use. The Pro version allows you to put a password lock on the app for better security. It also has a feature called ‘Scheduling option’ which allows you to set the hour you want blocking activated. There are two options to block calls which are hang up (instantly hang up the call) and Mute (doesn’t cut the call but keeps ringing without any sound).  Blacklist Plus is a perfect call blocker application for your Android device.


Master call blocker android6) Master Call blocker

Price – Free



Master Call blocker is another great call blocker app on the list. The app is offered by Arunamritha Lab. Master call blocker requires very low power and energy consumption which saves your battery life and phone memory. It is also a very light weight application. Unlike its competitors, Master call blocker is 100% free application. The developers wanted their user to have ad free experience without paying a dime. You can choose they you want to block calls which is either by Silent or Hang up. You can also block calls for a certain period of the day. For example, you can block calls at night time to avoid disturbance in sleep. Call block history is available if you want to check about blocked calls. Master Call Blocker is another killer application to keep your android device spam safe.


Call Control - Call Blocker7) Call Control – Call Blocker

Price – Free



Just as others android apps on the list, call control also blocks unwanted calls and messages. Call control is used by over 12million users with very positive reviews on playstore. Call control has the most features as compared to the other apps on the list. Some of the major features are:

-Block robocalls, telemarketers and other spammers automatically with our Community Blacklist feature.
– Enhanced Caller ID – Know who’s calling you even if you don’t have the number as a contact.
– Personal Blacklist – Block any phone number or area code, using wild cards and more.
– Block violators of the FTC/FCC Do Not Call list automatically.

Call control also lets you backup your personal list in the Cloud so they are never lost. Most of these features are present in other apps well, what makes Call Control stand out from the rest is when you install Call Control you become apart of a community who actively report spam call activity to block most active spam callers instantly. It is called as ‘Community Blacklist’. Call control integrates with the FCC.

Call control comes with community blacklist that is generated by reports from the community.

Truecaller Caller ID & Dialer 8. Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer

Price – Free



Truecaller is the most popular android call blocker app in the list. Truecaller is used by over 250 million users every day. True caller filters out spam calls and spam messages. Truecaller is the go to app for call blocking purpose. The developers claim Truecaller to have the best caller Id which will identify any unknown caller. Truecaller features smart SMS app which will identify every unknown SMS and block spam messages. Truecaller also supports dual Sim. So no need to worry if you have dual sim on your device. Truecaller come with various beautiful themes including pitch black. Truecaller offers in app products starting from 30 Rs.  to 720 Rs. per item.

Truecaller is an ultimate call blocker application.


Caller ID with Callblock9) Caller ID with Callblock

Price – Free



This is another best call blocker app in the list. Called Id with Callblock as the name suggests is caller profile and blocking application. The developers claim to have over 1 billion numbers in their database. You can block the caller instantly with just one click. This saves you from all the hassle of blocking caller from call logs. The app requires low memory as it is very small in size. The app does contain a small ad to keep it forever free to use. Overall another great option if you are not interested in community.


avast call blocker10) Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Price – Free



Along with protecting your device from Malware and virus Avast also offers you to block unwanted calls and messages using Avast call blocker for android. Avast is renowned Antivirus program which is one of the most trusted free antivirus app for Android. Avast also offers premium paid version with more security features, you don’t need to buy as the call block feature is available in the free version. The call block option is not great as other apps in the list so this if you don’t want to install another app and do not want other features mentioned above then this app is good.



There are many call block application available on the playstore which you can try. I have listed the best apps on basis of reviews, features and overall UI. All the apps in the list do a great job in blocking spam calls and messages. Any app should be good enough to fulfill your needs.

If you find any other great app comment below, I will try it and then add it to the list.

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