Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulator in the market for windows PC and mac platforms. Since mobile apps are not yet executable natively on the computer systems, emergence of android emulator and ios emulator became prominent. Bluestacks is the leading android emulator but there are better bluestacks alternative too for running android apps in pc, mac as well as linux operating systems.

bluestacks alternative

Even though bluestacks is the most popular one, it is very slow and heavy to use. Thus, users have been looking for other lightweight yet powerful android emulators. Thus here we are, discussing top bluestacks alternatives you must try!

10 Best alternatives to bluestacks

1) Nox Player

nox player

Nox player has positioned itself as the best android emulator for gaming in the market. It has successfully impressed android gamers with its support of keyboard controls, gaming controllers and gamepads and multiple instances.

nox player download

By default it comes with Android 5 but gives the option to change it to Android 4 or Android 7. One of the features where nox players leaves its competitor to dust is root access. Unlike bluestacks which requires tedious process to root, Nox player comes with in-built option to enable root access without any hassle.

You must give this one a try! I am sure you won’t be disappointed with Nox player.

Download Here

2) Andy Android Emulator

Andy is free android emulator for windows pc and mac yet it doesn’t compromise with the software quality as well as app support. It is very lightweight and easy to use and it supports almost all the major android apps like whatsapp, facebook, clash of clans , pubg etc. It is very popular among app developers as well as hardcore gamers.

You can play any games , use any app without worrying about storage or ram issues. Isn’t it great? It is difficult to gain root access in this emulator unlike bluestacks.

Andy Emulator has been hailed by the community for its advanced features competing heavily with its competitors mainly bluestacks. While andy hasn’t been updated since some time, but it still runs on Android nougat which is more than enough for most of the tasks.

Download Here

3) Genymotion

Genymotion is the most versatile android emulator which offers huge range of features and configurations options. It allows cloud deployment as well as desktop installable version.

For the desktop version, it allows over 3000 different configurations which caters different audiences. It supports from android version 4 to version 8 thereby it is a best android emulator for Android developers for testing apps across various parameters like varying battery percentage, GPS, camera, wifi etc.

Download Here

4) MEmu Play

MEmu play is another great alternative to bluestacks with its major focus on Android games. It comes loaded with ton of features like it is compatible with both Intel and AMD chipsets, supports multiple instances, supports different types of controllers like keyboards, gaming controllers, game pads etc.

One caveat is that it doesn’t support mac platform yet but considering majority of android users have windows pc, that is negligible.

Download Here

5) Ko Player

Ko Player is another great alternative of bluestacks which is relatively new in the market compared to other alternatives. It offers the ability to use keymapping to emulate controller with keyboard. You can also record game plays and share it with your friends on various platforms.

It is built on x86 Architecture, support advanced features like OpenGL & hardware acceleration, run faster, more stability and compatibility than other Android Emulators. It supports more than million android apps mainly games thus you will like this emulator for sure.

Download Here


Even though Bluestacks is still undoubtedly the leader of android emulators, here we listed some of the better alternatives to bluestacks. If you find bluestacks sluggish and slow, then you should definitely try these alternatives.

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