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Even with all of the embarrassment brought by Galaxy Note 7, Samsung dared to introduce their latest, Galaxy Note 8. This smartphone is everything that its predecessor was praised for, and then some. With a redesigned battery that uses different processes and so durable that it degrades less over the course of time, Note 8 is near to perfection. It has a large screen, much larger than iPhone X and its price tag of $930+ isn’t putting anybody off either. It’s as Samsung said, “the Galaxy Note 8 wasn’t built for everyone, it was built for the Note lovers.”

Another staggering attraction that comes with Note 8 is its ‘Stylus’. Last time, we covered 10 best S-Pen apps for Note 8, so this time we will debate over the 10 must-have apps for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

lastpassLastPass Password Manager


Gone are the days when you are forced to remember passwords or write them down in a secret diary that nobody could ever find. Introducing LastPass Password Manager that is a true ally of anyone who needs a secret vault to safeguard their personal and business information.

LastPass integrates with both Chrome and Firefox on any operating system. Also, the free version offers a complete suite of services for an indefinite amount of time, so there’s no rush to upgrade either. Secondly, it is ad-free! Who doesn’t like that bit?

galaxy note 8, 10 best apps

There’s never a rush to upgrade, it keeps all your accounts in due check and randomizes password if and when you need to.

On a personal note, I use it on every single computing device I own- desktop PC, laptop, Android and iPhone- the same account on 4 different devices.

It autofills the login data wherever you deem applicable and you’ll never have to track anything by yourself ever again!

For a Galaxy Note 8 user, LastPass Password Manager is the first and the must-have app of 2018.

opera free vpnOpera Free VPN


A free VPN by SurfEasy, Opera is one-of-a-kind. First of all, it is free and will always be! There are no ads and it connects at a lightning fast speed.

It does not slow down your surfing and yet offers the ultimate protection and security that you need while browsing sensitive information such as accessing Internet banking.

If you haven’t yet used it, now’s the time to secure your expensive Note 8 and all of the data in it.

file manager by asusFile Manager by ZenUI- ASUS Computer Inc.


I’m personally a big fan of ASUS, and I’ve been using the File Manager app for nearly two years and I can personally vouch for its efficiency and limitless capacity to truly manage my documents.

To begin with, you can access files stored not only on the device or the memory card but also via LAN networks and Cloud services as well. You can swap between them too! It supports ASUS WebStorage, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.

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You can also compress files into ZIP and RAR formats to save up on additional storage space.

It has an easily understandable UI that lets you perform all of the essential duties such as analyzing the storage space, recycle bin, hidden cabinet, etc., right from the File Manager’s home screen.

This application serves the chief purpose of what it was built for and that’s why it is not only the best app but also a necessary app for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.



Everybody knows and loves Shazam. If it isn’t already on your Note 8, then you clearly don’t get music. It’s easily integrated there’s no track in the world that Shazam can’t recognize. Also, you’ll never have to download a tune from anywhere ever again! How does that sound?

firefox browserFirefox Browser


Again, if you don’t use Firefox, then what good is a smartphone? While Chrome is good and everything, it isn’t Firefox! Even with recurring updates of the Chrome browser, it lacks an efficient built-in Ad-blocker, that Firefox contains.

Like Chrome or any other app, Firefox is also easy to integrate and you can even access your PC browsing history on the Galaxy Note 8, besides accessing Bookmarks.

Firefox is a real testament of how efficient a web browser should be and it is everything that you will ever need, trust me!



Galaxy Note 8 has a staggering screen resolution of 1440×2960 pixels, and if you’re not going to use it for something that’s fun and interactive while being educational like Duolingo then I don’t know why you need a Note 8 in the first place.

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Fluency in a foreign language is more than a necessity now. Duolingo offers the whole ride from beginner to expert levels for free! You can learn from Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and a lot more at no cost whatsoever!

It is very fun, easy to use and if I may say so, quite addictive! I found my love for it last night where I spent over an hour testing my fluency in Portuguese. Turns out I’m over 40% fluent, Hah!

Duolingo combines creativity with practical reading, writing and listening skills that is sure to stick in your mind the next time you chat with a foreigner.

waze for androidWaze


As a completely community supported application, Waze is all the rage these days. While I’m personally a big fan of Google Maps, (and who isn’t?), Waze is a great navigation and traffic app that even works offline.

Figure out the path to your destination while you are connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE network and while you are seated comfortably inside your car, turn off the data to continue down the chosen path. Waze is particularly good because it shows the shortest and the quickest path to your destination.

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Acorns is basically a robo-advisor that offers micro-investing advice by amassing loose change and then turning it into an investment opportunity.

Although Acorns is currently only active in the US and Canada, users can easily sync their checking accounts for purchases to be monitored.

Considering everything, Acorns is a first-step into the investment world recommended for college students or fresh graduates. Anybody investing a larger sum might need to consult with a professional.



There can never be too much of battery savings. That’s why you need Twilight. Even though Note 8 has a Reading Mode, you need an app that will do the job on the front end and is forever easy to manage at the same time. This app is very simple to manipulate and very effective at the same time.

Choose a color temperature between 1000K (Relaxing) to 5000K (Energizing) and pick an intensity from 0 to 100% or screen dim from 0 to 80%.

You may even filter as per sunrise/sunset, alarm, customize the timings or just pick ‘Always’. It has a ton of other useful settings all of which are free to use.

Twilight makes the cut on this list since it does not bug its users (including myself) with constant notifications for an upgrade. In fact, you don’t even need an email or a phone number to use the app. Also, there are no ads, so yay!



If you’re still unaware of the existence of Telegram, you are truly missing out on the best WhatsApp alternative here, my friend!

Telegram is everything you want, it’s free, it’s powerful and it’s awesome!
You can save files of any size, small to large on its own cloud, and not even the app makers have access to it.

Create groups of up to 5000 members and share GIFs, Emojis or swap videos easily from any PC, MacOS X, Linux distros, iOS, Android, Windows phone, whatever!

Telegram is versatile and a lightweight application that never crashes and always lives up to your expectations. So, if you are just looking for another reason to quit WhatsApp, you just got it!


Regardless the make of a phone, it is useless without the best apps to keep it healthy and keep you out of stress when it comes to gadget maintenance. Galaxy Note 8 is both precious and expensive and these 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deserve to be on your device in 2018. Try them all and then share your experiences with me.

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