Samsung is the leading brand name in the smartphone industry. Samsung is dealing in this sector for a long time now, and Samsung’s devices are always found to be dominating over other smartphones in all the price brackets. Last year, Samsung launched two of its flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. As both of the devices run on Android OS, there are ultimate possibilities of customizations and tweaks to relish the experience of using such a powerful phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Since Android gives enough possibilities of customizations, several apps are available in the PlayStore to enhance the user experience. These apps will provide you with a completely fresh experience. It will change the way you use your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

We have gathered up all the best apps for samsung s9 and samsung s9+. You can install these best s9 applications to increase the productivity of your device. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus come with some useless bloatware out of the box, which makes it necessary to download some additional applications on the smartphone.

List of Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus:

1. Amazon

Download Amazon

Of course, everyone loves shopping, and there must be an application for shopping in everyone’s smartphone. Amazon is the largest online shopping store. Amazon Online Shopping store brings you lots of amazing deals at high prices. You can shop on the Amazon app anytime whatever you need. You can buy the latest electronics such as Mobile Phones and accessories like memory cards, earphones, chargers, power banks. Amazon is a complete store where you can buy stuff of home needs and Fashion products also. Amazon provides safe and secure shopping with electric bill payments. No wonder, it is the best shopping app for samsung s9 that you can install on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

2. Google Pay

Download Google Pay

Earlier known as Tez, it is now called Google Pay. Using this app, you can send money to friends, pay bills and buy online, recharge your phone or pay at the nearby café. It is the best application available in the PlayStore to make online payments. As Google itself handles it, it is entirely safe and secure. Google Pay lets you receive and pay money straight from your bank account. You must have this app on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

3. Snapseed

Download Snapseed

There are great possibilities with an outstanding camera that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 have. So, to enhance the beautiful pictures captured by the device, you’ll probably need an app to retouch the beautiful photographs and relish the quality of the images. Snapseed might be the best option for you. You can do professional quality photo edits, and there is much more to do with this fantastic app developed by Google. You can get this app from the PlayStore for free.

4. NordVPN

Download NordVPN

Have you ever wondered while browsing the Internet, that someone might be tracking you? Well, NordVPN will save your day. NordVPN provides you with complete privacy, and it is very secure. While on public Wi-fi, if you need a completely secure connection, this app has all the essential functionalities. This app provides you connect to more than 5000 active servers available in over 60 countries. It takes your location from New York to Berlin in just a click. It has a Quick Connect button which is handy, and you can securely browse the web on the go.

5. Netflix

Download Netflix

Do you like watching TV episodes and Movies? Yes, right? Here’s the best app which you can download on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Netflix is the most famous and leading subscription service for streaming media on any platform. You can use Netflix on any Mobile phone or your smart TVs as well. This app is known for the best experience it delivers to its users. Well, this is not a free app to use, but you still get a 30-day free trial to this out. It is entirely worth the money and you should get this one.

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6. Walli

Download Walli

We check our phones around a hundred times a day, and the wallpaper is the first thing we get to see. Choosing a good wallpaper for smartphones to become hard because there are not enough good options. Walli solves the problem for you, and it has a vast variety of amazing wallpapers all according to your taste. You can choose from the wallpapers featured on Google as well. You can browse the wallpapers according to your liking from any category. This app also downloads wallpapers with the highest resolution possible for your smartphone.

7. Alarmy

Download Alarmy

If you’re someone who snoozes the alarm for 5 minutes and finds yourself 1 hour late for work when you wake up, this app won’t let you get late the next time. Alarmy is rated the No. 1 Alarm app in over 95 countries. To dismiss the alarm, it gives you various missions to complete. Otherwise, this thing is not going to shut down. It has tasks like you have to take pictures of places in the house such as your bathroom for reference, only then after the alarm will dismiss. Alarmy is a must-have app if you often get late for work.

8. Shazam

Download Shazam

Ever went to a party and liked a song very much but didn’t find the name of that? Shazam will do the job for you. Shazam is the world’s most popular way to discover music in just one click. You can activate Shazam with just one-tap, and it will give you all the details about the song. It even provides the song’s lyrics along with its official video. It allows you to add the songs to the Spotify playlist and lets you discover music even when you’re offline. Shazam is a fantastic app to have on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

9. Feedly

Download Feedly

Do you feel tired to go to each website separately to read the latest articles and news? Feedly provides you with the perfect way of reading materials. It is a hub for all your favourite blogs and magazines, and other sources that matter. You can select your favourite websites, and Feedly will organize all the stuff for you in the best way possible.

10. Unified Remote

Download Unified Remote

Who doesn’t like wireless stuff? Everyone does. It seems more futuristic to control even your computer without even touching it. Unified Remote is an ultimate tool to manage your Windows PC, Mac and Linux remotely. It has support for 90+ programs including mouse & keyboard, media players, presentations, screen mirroring, power control, file manager, terminal, and much more.

11. Google Maps

Download Google Maps

Google Maps is all in one app to find the best and shortest route for you. This world map by Google is one of the best apps to have on the smartphone. Navigate your destinations precisely and fast with Google Maps. It has real-time ETAs and notifies you about the traffic condition. Discover the local stores and explore the world and go anywhere you want without any stress. A must-have app for your amazing Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

12. Whatsapp

Download WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most famous messaging app. It is free of cost and lets you message anyone, anytime across the globe. WhatsApp uses the mobile’s internet connection to give you a message to your friends and family. It allows users to share all kind of media such as images, videos, documents and much more all in one place.

You can use WhatsApp easily on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus as it is free and it allows you to make free calls also.

13. Google Drive

Download Google Drive

Google Drive is a safe place where you can store all your files and data. It is linked to your Google account and helps you access all the files anywhere you want. Files like videos, images and other documents are all backed up safely on Google Drive. It allows you to share all your documents with others with a shareable link and set access levels for who can view, comment and edit the files.

14. Google News

Download Google News

Do you have a habit or Reading News every day as you wake up in the morning? Google News is here to help you. It organizes all the new stuff happening in the world to help you know about the latest news. This app collects all the necessary and most recent report and holds it for you to read.  It finds all the quality content from a diverse set of credible publishers and discovers sources that you haven’t heard before.

15. WPS Office

Download WPS Office

WPS Office is the all in one free office suite for your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. It is the smallest in size Office Suite available at the PlayStore. It has all the functionalities like Word, PDF, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Memo, Docs Scanner, all in one application. This Office Suite is entirely compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Doc, and Adobe PDF format.

16. Evernote

Download Evernote

Evernote is a must-have app if you are a college or school student. Not only Students, but everyone can take advantage of this fantastic application available for free on PlayStore. It helps users to make notes in the most efficient way possible. You can type information as well as scan the Hand-written or hard copies also. Evernote comes handy when you need to take any kinds of notes as it is fast and efficient.

17. Google Duo

Download Google Duo

With the fantastic video quality that Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus provide, you can sum up the experience with the Google Duo app which offers the best quality video calling. This application is a fast and reliable way to connect to friends and family from your smartphone. Duo allows multiple users to communicate with you at the same time. You can also leave video messages if your friend’s not online at the moment.

18. Google Assistant

Download Google Assistant

With the Google Assistant app, you can get a Hands-free experience on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. It activates just by saying “Ok Google,” and you can ask the Assistant anything. This app will let you complete small tasks like setting the alarm or making calls just by giving some commands without the need to touch the smartphone. You can also access the Google Assistant only by holding the Home button on your device.

19. Nova Launcher

Download Nova Launcher

When it comes to customizing the Android Smartphone, there’s no better quick option other than using a beautiful Android Launcher. Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers available in the PlayStore. It provides a lot of customizations to enhance the user experience of your smartphone. Nova launcher completely changes the look of your home screen according to your taste. This launcher has features like Icon themes, customizable app drawer, scrollable dock and much more.

20. Google Keep

Download Google Keep

With Google’s ultimate possibilities, this app is developed for users to take quick notes, add memo and save lists. You can capture anything on your mind, and Google Keep will remind you stuff at the right time and places. This app can capture photos also so you can grab pictures of any receipt or documents quickly. You can also share all your notes with whoever you want. It can create lists as well to save you from forgetting the stuff when you go shopping next time.

21. Lightroom

Download Adobe Lightroom

Give your photos a fabulous new look with this free, yet intuitive photo editing app. It can add charm to your beautiful pictures captured by the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Lightroom offers tremendous possibilities to take your photos to the next level. It has all the essential presets and other editing options to give your photos a new look. You can manage, organize and share all your work with ease.

22. KeepSafe Photo Vault

Download Keepsafe Photo Vault

If you’re looking for a photo vault to hide your pictures from anybody else, you can download Keepsafe photo vault in your device. Keepsafe ensures security to your photos and videos. It locks down your files with PIN protection or fingerprint lock. Keepsafe lets you preserve special memories and store personal family photos in a separate area. You can also save pictures of your documents like Driving license, ID cards, and credit/debit cards.

23. Solo learn

Download Solo Learn

If you love computers and want to learn to code right from your home, you can get this app for free from the PlayStore. It has various courses in computer languages and can turn you from beginner to pro. It provides fresh and free content daily and has multiple courses like Web Development, Python, Java, c++ and many more. This app gives you personalized content according to your progress. It has free 24/7 peer support as well.

24. Flud

Download Flud

Well, we don’t support piracy, but still, this app comes handy sometimes. Flud is a fast and straightforward BitTorrent client for Android. It is on this list because this apps works as fast as your Samsung Galaxy S9 does. Flud features no speed limits on downloads and uploads and can select which files to download. It also has other abilities like sequential download, and you can also move files while downloading.

25. Parallel Space

Download Parallel Space

Do you use multiple accounts for the same applications? Parallel Space will help you as it can make clones of the apps so that you can run multiple accounts at the same time. It is one of the top-ranked apps on the PlayStore. It has support for almost all the apps. Parallel Space protects user privacy and makes the apps invisible on the device via Incognito installation. You can easily download this app as it is freely available on the PlayStore.

26. Kinemaster

Download Kinemaster

Kinemaster is the best mobile Video editor at PlayStore as it has a lot of features. It supports multiple layers of video, images, and text. Using Kinemaster, you can do all the video editing stuff right from your daily driver. Kinemaster can do precise cutting and trimming of videos, multi-track audio, has precise volume envelope control, and much more. Take advantage of your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus as the chipset it holds is one of the best in terms of rendering things.

27. PUBG Mobile

Download PUBG Mobile

PUBG, the most famous Battle Royale game, is available for Android as well. This battle royale game challenges your device’s chipset as it is a massive game, but it’s not a problem in case you have the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. As the smartphone holds an Exynos 9810 chipset under the hood which is equivalent to Snapdragon’s 845. So, you won’t be facing any issues in terms of Gaming.

28. Home workout

Download Home workout

It’s good to have a high-performance mobile phone, but you should also keep your body ready for high-performance tasks. Working out every day seems a little massive task to do so this app is here to help you. This app provides you with daily workout routines for all of your muscles. You can maintain your health just by spending a few minutes with this app. From Warm Up to post Workout stretching, this app covers all for you.

29. ShareIt

Download ShareIt

ShareIt is the best media sharing application available on the PlayStore. You can share your media files with anyone in just a few clicks. It provides excellent transfer speeds and has a very simple and user-friendly UI. ShareIt also added a media player in the recent support so you can play your songs and watch movies using ShareIt as well. It is the fastest in the world, and you can share all kinds of files.

30. SoundCloud

Download SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best online music streaming application on the PlayStore right now available for free. SoundCloud is not just for listening to the top chart artists. It gives everyone a chance to show their talent to the whole world. On SoundCloud, almost anybody can upload their creations and publish them. It has over 150 million tracks available on SoundCloud. The more you use SoundCloud, the more personalized results it will show, as per your taste.

31. Spotify

Download Spotify

Are you a music enthusiast? This app will be perfect for you and your Samsung Galaxy S9. It is the leading online music streaming application and is free to use. Spotify has all the latest releases just for you. It provides free streaming, music search and much more. Spotify made it very easy to find the new versions as it gets available on Spotify as soon as it releases. Spotify is just like a music store for you; the only difference is, it’s free.

32. Wallpapers HD

Download Wallpapers HD

We recommend this app for customizing the beautiful screen of your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Wallpapers HD offers a great variety of wallpapers just made for you. This app has all the wallpapers precisely tailored for your device. All the backgrounds it provides, all are available to download in the highest quality possible, and you can share amazing wallpapers with your friends and family as well. It also allows manual cutting of wallpapers to achieve perfection.

33. CamScanner

Download CamScanner

If you have a lot of documents to scan and you want to keep them as soft copies, then, instead of going to a dedicated shop, you can do it by yourself just using your mobile phone. CamScanner is the world’s No.1 documents scanning and sharing app available for Android. Its user base is increasing day by day as this is something you will need and everyone should have this app on their mobile phones.

34. VLC media player

Download VLC media player

The VLC media player is known to be a good media player from a long time now, and it is available for Android too. It is a free and open source cross-platform media player which can be used to watch videos and listen to music as well. This media player is capable of playing videos and music files of any format with ease. It also has an equalizer and filters also to enhance your user experience.

35. ES file explorer

Download ES file explorer

Everyone needs a dedicated filer manager to manage the files on the smartphone, and this one does its job best. ES file explorer is a complete file manager with all the significant functions and much more. Its tools provide you desktop-grade features right in your pocket. It can transfer files from one device to another over Wi-fi using the auto-created hotspot. ES File Explorer also allows you to access the data no matter where you are, your data will always be with you.

It was the list of the Best apps that you can install on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. We hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful. If you liked the article, please share it on social media, with your friends and family as well.

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