So you finally got your hands on the latest and greatest flagship by Samsung- the S9 and S9+. But are you confused with what to do next? Well here’s a good article to get you started, but if you have already done all that then today let’s take a look at some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 you can use on your new toy.

13 Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

best apps for Samsung galaxy S9Nova Launcher (Prime)



Nova Prime- hands down the best launcher to have ever existed for any android device! It’s the perfect replacement for the subjectively crappy Samsung UI launcher we get with the new S9 and S9+. Nova offers a stock like interface with some great additional features. The free version, although not as good as the Prime, should be enough to give the user a taste of what they are missing out out. And maybe even push them to purchase Nova launcher prime. A definite must try and a personal favorite of mine, it gets 4.5/5 on my rating scale. surely one of best apps for Samsung galaxy S9


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9VSCO



The S9 comes with a great camera with variable aperture and with a bit of post processing magic images shot on the S9 can turn out to be spectacular. That is where VSCO comes in, VSCO comes with loads of great presets which can be used to enhance the colors and aesthetics of the image, it offers some great preset packs and is a breeze to use. All the aspiring as well as professional photographers should definitely give this one a try as it is too one of best apps for Samsung galaxy S9.


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9CamScanner



Another great app that makes use of the camera to take digital backups of physical documents is camscanner, It acts as a scanner to scan any kind of document and then it into a PDF for digital storage. It works well with phones with a good camera and the S9 has a great camera. This is definitely one of the best apps for samsung galaxy s9


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9Shazam



How many times has it happened that you are in a cafe or restaurant and hear great song playing in the background which you would want to know the name of? Well shazam is the answer to that problem. Just whip out your device and tap the button and shazam will start listening to the song and identify  it from the huge database of songs it posses. It’s a great app for music aficionados as well as regular people alike.


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9Snapseed



With great cameras comes a great responsibility to edit them perfectly, that is where snapseed fits in. Snapseed is one of the best professional image manipulation tool offered by Google, most professionals on a mobile device prefer Snapseed for it’s easy to use yet powerful interface and the ability to effectively manipulate images to make them looks better than they originally were. I can personally vouch for Snapseed as it has made quite a few of images I clicked much better than they originally were.


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9Sygic



Have you ever been stuck somewhere with no network coverage to even use Google maps? If yes, Sygic is the perfect app for you. Sygic allows the user to download the Map of any country offline, yes not an area but the whole country, on their device to use when there is no internet connectivity available. It is pretty reliable and gives the right direction 9/10 times. The best part is that the app is free, with certain in app purchases but the free version is enough for a regular user.


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9Super AMOLED Wallpapers PRO / Walli

  Download Super AMOLED Wallpapers PRO

  Download Walli

A gorgeous screen deserves a beautiful wallpaper and both these apps will help you get a wallpaper you will love. They have a great collection of wallpapers and most of it is in high definition. They have an endless selection of various kinds of wallpapers and that should keep you happy for a long while.


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9Google Indic Keyboard



Google Indic Keyboard is a great input method for people who are Bilingual but can’t actually type in any other language other than english. Google Indic Keyboard offers a great host of languages for a user to choose from and the best feature is it’s english to regional language translation. The user can type using the english keyboard and it will covert what’s written to any regional language of your choosing. A definite must for anyone in India, I say.


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9VLC Media Player /  MX Player

  Download VLC

  Download MX Player

There is a great host of streaming apps on the platform for a user to watch content on but there are certain other ways to watch videos *Cough*Torrent*Cough* that uses a certain format called .MKV and not a lot of video players are compatible with the format, that is where VLC and MX Player come in. Both the MX player as well as VLC are very versatile and have the ability to run from a host of file formats to take care of all your video needs.


best apps for Samsung galaxy S9PUBG / Fortnite

  Download PUBG


Battle royale is all the rage nowadays and what better games to play on a new Samsung galaxy S9 than PUBG also known as Players Unknown battleground or Fortnite. Both the games are a rage in the internet gaming community and supports online multiplayer so you can enjoy the game with your friends and loved ones. PUBG is readily available on android where as fortnite is still in beta testing for Android and will soon be available to download.

We hope you enjoy the apps on our list of best apps for Samsung galaxy S9, if you  have any queries or want to challenge us for a match of PUBG do let us know below in the comments.

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