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Television or TV set is in the existence since ages and people nowadays like glued to their television sets for latest news, sports broadcast and other entertainment programs. But this is not the true scenario as one more thing has come into the market and its almost replacing the television technology.

best android tv apps

People are more into the Smartphone thing rather than any other modes off entertainment because they are getting all the modes of entertainment accumulated under one roof. But that does not means that they are getting the same comfort they were getting while watching television. So hence the idea of Android TV came into existence.

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Android TV is a great thing to get yourself refreshed because you are getting both the environment in one place. So you can install all your social media apps so that if you feel like you need to check the notifications in the middle of a programme then you can do it in same place. Let us take a look at the apps that can help you to utilise the most of an Android TV box.

1) Google play music

We all love music, don’t we? But only downloading songs is not enough to enjoy the music. There needs to be a platform which can play those songs beautifully and Google Play music is one of them. Google play music is available on Google play store as an editor’s choice. This android app has a great interface and is developed by Google LLC. The app has over 1 million downloads and has a rating of 3.9 stars from 3,143,126 reviews.

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The number of reviews is quite bigger than the number of downloads and this is because Google play music comes inbuilt with your handset and you don’t need to download it until and unless you uninstall it from your mobile phone. The app interface is very user-friendly as you can search for any type of music using the search box online and offline.

You can create playlist and can do all the major functions included in a music app. The app is generally free of cost but then it supports ads. The app also comes with inbuilt radio stations and thus Google play music is one of the best app for Android TV box as it helps you to stream music offline and as well as online too.


2) YouTube

We all know the popular vlog platform known as YouTube which is run by Google LLC. The site is a huge platform for people who want to earn money through monetization, watch tutorials, TV shows, movies and other entertaining videos. But if you are installing it for your Android TV box then the probability is you are going to use all the features except the earning feature because it is nearly impossible to run, monetize and upload contents from Android TV box.

YouTube app can be easily found in Google play store. The app has over 1 billion downloads with a rating of over 4.3 stars from 21,834,383 reviews. The YouTube Android app now comes with more exciting features like watching videos in night mode, history, create a playlist or uploading videos apart from watching videos.

The fun part about YouTube is that once you log in with your account in android TV box you can sync your accounts data so that you can access history, liked videos, playlist or other things on your Android TV box itself. The YouTube app also gives the option to customise your viewing like if you are using a slow network connection then you can set the video to automatic and it will play low-quality videos.


3) Amazon prime video

Gone are those days when Amazon was only known as an e-commerce store. Now its business is spread over a wide area like Amazon kindle services, Amazon prime services, Amazon associate programs, Amazon Alexa products and other ad network services. The Amazon prime video service is one of those services listed above and can be found under Amazon prime services.

Amazon prime video lets you stream videos, movies and other series which can otherwise be seen on a cable network. The only difference between Amazon prime video and YouTube is that anyone can put videos on YouTube but this is not the case with Amazon prime video and also in Amazon Prime, there are subscription-based services but there is no need to subscribe while using YouTube. The app has over 10 million downloads with a rating of over 4.2 stars from 206,785 reviews.

The app lets the user download favorite videos over wifi or cellular network. You can view the IMDB data about the videos before watching. They also added live features along with the app so that you can watch your favorite sports live on your Android TV box. Amazon prime video can be watched from over 200 countries. The app is readily available in Google play store.


4) MX player


 Now that you have a music player, online video streaming app free and paid versions, now you shall need a video player that can run all the video extensions on Android TV irrespective of if the android TV box is connected to a wifi or cellular network or not. Out of 1000 of apps in the Google play store, one of the popular app for video playing is the MX player. MX player is a great video player supporting every type of extensions and plays video with uninterrupted service.

MX player has over 100 million downloads and has a rating of over 4.5 stars from 5,731,482 reviews. The features of this android app include Hardware acceleration, Multi-core decoding, Pinch to zoom and pan, subtitle gestures and Kids lock. The Multicore decoding is an interesting feature which makes the performance better and MX player is the first of its kind to have such an amazing feature. You can play with the subtitles by changing size, timeline, and position of the text. The Kid lock feature is a great tool to keep your children out of the app so that they don’t use the app frequently. Visit the app site on Google Play store to learn about what extensions it supports.


5) Kodi 17.6

  Now that you know what an Android TV box can do to your smart TV, there is more in store. If you like Amazon video you will surely fall for Kodi. In fact, Kodi is much bigger application than Amazon video. Kodi is the all in one solution for your TV box. It brings all your media in one place. As because it is an open source product, therefore it absolutely free of cost to download it and use it.

You can use it to watch media from your local storage, network storage, and the internet. Kodi does not provide any content of its own, and that you have to point it out your media or third-party media in order to watch those. Kodi can play all your music extensions from local network or internet server.

Kodi imports movies from local storage or you can browse the internet for movies and can thus watch movies with Kodi. You can also watch the live telecast of your favorite series and can thus keep a track of them. You can also browse pictures with Kodi. One best feature of the app is that Kodi supports PVR which means you can record live streaming and can watch them anytime. You can download the app from their website.


6) Pandora Music

Since you have got all the basic apps for your Android TV now you should be needing an all in one radio player and Pandora radio is the best option for that. Pandora is popular online music service that lets you stream radio stations. Not only that, it lets you to create stations based on artist or genres or even sometimes specific songs.

Pandora has a web-based version which has huge popularity and just like that version the Android version has a similar charisma. The app is not available in Google play store but can be downloaded from Pandora’s original site. The app is all free of cost but there will be a lot of ads when you browse music through it.

You need to sign up for their services and which can be done from both web and app versions. If you already have an account then you need to just put your credentials in the app and log in from thereupon to access all the features. The app is user-friendly and is easy to use. The app has lots of social media features. The best part of the app is that you can set an alarm as it has an alarm clock feature and thus you can wake up to your favorite music.


7) Hulu plus

Hulu is a streaming app and is specially built for android devices and will sit perfect for the Android TV box. The Hulu for Android provides lot of contents in their catalogue which lists out the popular TV series including full series and seasons. They provides commercial free tier with the premium services.

They offer affordable pricings as low as $11.99 per month to avoid advertisings and get to watch full episodes. There is one another low plan which starts with $7.99 per month but that does not provide too many benefits. Hulu has a social function incorporated as comments section which is powered by facebook, lets people to comment about the videos they have watched just now. They offer offline viewing as well so you can just download videos and watch them offline.


8) Netflix

    Netflix is originally an on-demand video service which provides streams online and offline as well. This is a very great app for the android TV box as it equally provides similar services like streaming media and video on demand. This is the by far most used and recommended Android TV box app that can be found easily as well.

If you aren’t sure of if you want to subscribe for their paid services or not then you can check out their 30-day free trial as well. Although they are the most popular streaming service they require a high-speed broadband service for you to enjoy Netflix on your Android Tv box. It is said that Netflix consumes 40% of the America’s bandwidth in the peak time. They only charge you a monthly fee only and you can start enjoying their services. Netflix has recommendations that are totally based on what you watch so you won’t miss any program.


9) Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most watched cables less TV network and can be easily used in your Android TV as well. This was launched in early 2015 and in a matter of time it gained huge popularity.  Their package starts at $20 for more than 30 channels. This is basically an on demand cable service.

So to run it on your TV you need to download the sling TV app from their official website. But before you can start using their services you need to login or register for an account in DISH’s website and then login to the sling TV app on your Android TV and you can start enjoying, watching your favourite channels.


10) Plex

Plex is yet another android TV platform app that helps you to watch TV programs without any hassle. The plex is a fully featured full version android TV app and is of great use. With plex, it has an intelligent interface which helps you to experience tv like never before. But it has some flaws as well like there is a hefty setup at the beginning. But once you overdo this thing then it can be your best friend. There is one more flaw in the system that is it is too much reliance on internet connection. There are however there are two versions of the app, one which provides almost all the things for free of cost and the other version named as plex pass will provide you some additional features.


11) Crackle

This is a free android TV app that lets you watch free Hollywood movies free of cost. You also get to watch hit TV shows and crackle originals at no expenditure. You can search through genre for comedy-drama, action and various other movies. The greatest feature of this TV app is that you get to pick up where you left off on another device.  You can use this feature as like if you are watching a program and something called off in between then you can pause it and can start back from there only in that device or any of your other devices. You can also save your favorite TV shows and movies to watch later list.


12) Spotify

Spotify is a music app based on Android operating system and is suitable for Android TV box which looks great and has excellent features of a music streaming app. This app helps you to stream music at 320 KBPS that means you are getting pure music and no disturbances whatsoever.

In Spotify, you will get all the exclusive contents plus the contents that you want to listen. There are few flaws as well like the search toolbar is not up to the mark and the web player can be a bit clunky. Spotify has a large database or catalog of over 20million + contents. However, there are no live radio stations without a premium account. Although the free version which is ad-supported can be pretty good service to you and where you don’t have to worry about time limits. Overall it’s a great music streaming app for your Android TV box.


13) Twitch 

Twitch is a social live video community for gamers. If you are a gamer and are stuck in a crucial stage of a game then you can take the help of twitchers that upload live streams of games.  The android app of twitch can be installed in the Android TV box and can be used nicely. It can be used to watch live and recorded video of top games, sports, events, cooking, and much more. With twitch app, you get the complete programming and scheduling for twitch TV. There are other features like night mode for those who stream even at late night. You can also broadcast yourself in the twitch community over a webcam.


14) BBC iPlayer

Android TV box has unlimited possibilities and is not only for watching as it can also be used as a Radio player. You can install the BBC I player radio app on your Android TV box and listen to BBC radio at any time. You can listen to all the BBC radio stations or can re-listen the favorite programme over and over. The schedules and categories are listed for viewing and selecting and they are user-friendly as well.  However, it’s not a traditional radio system hence you will need a good internet connection for uninterrupted listening. You can get the BBC player app on Google Play store and the latest version being the The app has a download size of 20.62 MB and has been downloaded 500 thousand times.


15) Film On

Film on is a free live TV app which has over 1000 channels and more than 200 thousands of videos on demand. It is supported by Chromecast and offers live contents. If you have a subscription to Film on then you can watch the contents in HD and can also record your programs which can view later on. You can share Filmon across different devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. The app can be easily accessible on Google Play store and had been downloaded over 1 million times.  The Download size of this android app is 14.60 MB.


So those are some few apps compatible with your Android TV box that are much into trend these days. As with Android Operating system its ocean of options that you can try from google play store and can keep whichever deems fit for your Android TV box.

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