When Words Fails, Music Speaks. Of course , everybody loves music. It fills you with adrenaline , enlightens your inner soul and stays close when no you need them. For all of our love for music at this era of technology, a better quality and performance from smartphones is expected and that’s what we are here for.

We sorted and listed out some of the best music players for you which would feel the void between you and the essence of the music.

1) Google Play Music

Yes, this application by Google makes it to our top list of best music players. The app lets you listen to all of your downloaded music on their interface offering you an easy browsing on the basis of genre , artist etc. The application also consists of an equalizer to help you set up the tune with the respect to your surroundings. This is just offline, when you go online , you enter to a lots of more features. One of my personal favorite is surfing up on radio and trying different taste of genres. And well if you think to subscribe , you can share the account with six family members and not just that , you even get Youtube RED memberships. However, Youtube RED is available only for a few countries , but still worth spending our never-depressing-products. To check out about availability and information about Youtube Red , Click Here!

   Download Google Play Music

2) Pi Music Player

Custom fans and high feature offering this music player on play store is among the top applications for listening music. Talking about features , the application has a few tailoring options for your comfort and customization options. Other than that , Pi has an another feature of cutting your favorite parts of your song and then using it as your ringtone. One more fascinating features is , the application has its own portal to share tracks , albums and playlist with anyone throughout the world name Pi Power Share. Wondering Why on second place ? Because the application is “not” AD-FREE. Apart from that , the application is a go deal for music lovers.

   Download Pi Music Player

3) BlackPlayer Music Player

With a minimalistic design and wide number of customizing options , BlackPlayer music player made it to our list of best android music player. With some minimal themes to custom and 3 different types of widgets , this application helps users feel a handy interface to surf along different tracks and albums. And if you get lucky , you can turn on the lyrics if found for the particular track and sing along. According to me , Simple yet elegant piece of art for the music artist producing some amazing art work and sharing with us to feel the art.

   Download Black Music Player

4) Poweramp

With some fascinating features , Poweramp comes with lot of customization , but now with themes and color , but with the music you play. The application helps you create your own experience of music by providing tools like equalizer . Talking about tools , trust me even I didn’t half of the terms . But just in case if you want to know , the application comes with  balance,stereo expansion, mono mixing. That’s not it , it has around 10 equalizer presets with separate powerful Treble and Bass adjustment . So if you want to pursue sound engineering and want to check out thing these terms work , its good to go. Whereas , if your main is motive is just to listen music without touch the settings , then I recommend you check others on the list , We Got You!

   Download Poweramp

5) Neutron Music Player

According to physics , the neutron in an atom is significant for keeping the atom stable. Similarly the Neutron Music Player, helps you stabilize your life with good music . One unique feature about the Neutron application is that it has it own audio rendering engine which helps make you sound the music better. However , what makes it last the last on our list is that the interface isn’t handy. Yes, the theme isn’t that user-friendly , and you would want to go get other application if you get annoyed. But in terms of performance the Neutron does it well and good.

   Download Neutron Music Player

The Outro!

Music has always been a great companion , and when it comes to it , I wouldn’t personally be comprising anything; and that’s one of the reasons you are here reading the best music player application on Android. After going through the list , try downloading some of your favorites and enjoy your music experience. Lastly, there are a lot of other applications bringing out music in their way , so if you think they should make it to the list , feel free to share on the comment box. Stay Tuned! Happy Surfing!

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