Humans have the tendency to bring different things together and that’s why you are here today. For those who don’t know about emulation, it is in simple words imitating or screening. Talking about today’s topic we will be suggesting you some of the best and leading Android Emulator for PC and Mac Both


Prerequisites: Points to Ponder Upon Before You Install Any Emulator :

  • Check The Android Version It Supports
  • Check Your Windows Compatibility
  • Check Whether It Supports Your Graphics Chip such as AMD, Nvidia etc
  • Check External Prerequisite For Some Emulators From Which You Can Know How To Run It.

What Should You Expect From It?

Technically, your computer would certainly allow you to run all your Android Applications regardless of the operating system i.e Mac or Windows. So you will be able to

  • Play Your Favorite Games
  • Use Your Social Media Apps
  • Test your beta Android Applications if you are an App Developer
  • And Probably Everything You Do On Your Smartphone

Here is the list of some of the Best Android Emulators for PC And Mac, you should Try!

1) BlueStack

One of the most profound and well-known software to actually build this concept of having your Android Phone on your personal computer. Ever since it has been one of the best emulators for Android. BlackStack Supporting with both PC and MAC, this is one of the most widely used software. Coming to features, the software allows rendering high graphics game, and using almost any application on Play store you find appealing. Coming to interesting ones, here are few features you should look up into. You can also root your bluestacks in PC

  • Bluestack 3, specially designed for gaming, having a personal store for installing games
  • Bluestack, their very own chatbox to communicate with your friends from Google, building up strategies for games; but its available for their gaming version: Bluestack 3
  • Also, Bluestack doesn’t need any external virtualization software VirtualBox, it has everything to help you run your applications on your personal computer.

  Download BlueStack


2) Nox App Player

This software on your PC, call it Windows or Mac, runs on KitKat version of Android and is free of cost. Talking more about the Nox App Player, It has a simple and a neat user interface to make it user-friendly. Being an ad-free computer program makes its super fast and smooth. Not just that, it only wants some basic configuration to work upon. But it is suggested to keep a higher note, as bigger the better.

Here are some appealing features you should look at :

  • My personal favorite, keyboard mapping, which lets you configure touches as keys on your keyboard.
  • Secondly, it is GPS compatible, hence allowing you to use applications which are GPS enabled.
  • It also offers user a choice to change CPU cores and RAM, which helps to run certain applications which need more system requirements than what your phone has
  • The software allows you to switch between enabling and disabling rooting

And With it are some tutorials on their website which can be much of your help while enjoying your phone on a personal computer with keyboard and mouse. Tutorials!

  Download Nox App Player

3)  Remix OS 

Remix OS is another leading platform for emulating your Android Mobile. Remix OS runs on Android version Marshmallow, it offers a smooth and fast performance of application you intend to use. Supporting only Windows, the interface is very clean and neat. As a benefit of running on Android Marshmallow, you can access a lot of applications, but at the same time, you will probably the applications which don’t support higher versions.

Here’s the list of some fascinating features which makes Remix OS stand apart from other.

  • Dual Booting Compatibility, meaning you can run your both Windows and Android, with a manager to select which one you would like to use.
  • Can run multiple games at a time
  • Keyboard mapping
  • Optimum performance with respect to configuration of your PC.
  • Amazing Software Optimization for smooth and lag less performance.

  Download Remix OS

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4)  GenyMotion

This isn’t an ordinary emulator. This is built keeping in mind the thought for android developers. Yes, if you are looking forward to being or you already are an Android application developer, this is going to be a very useful software. One more thing to keep in mind is the software has versions for both PC and Mac. Coming towards the features, here are some of the major for the developers out there:

  • Use Genymotion Java API to automate testing your parameters.
  • Use GMTools to automate your applications which you can control from command lines.
  • Using Gradle Plugin, you can create, configure and launch virtual devices for testing your applications.
  • User friendly Interface.

Well if you are looking for all these to come in your emulator, you need to pay for it. Yes, you heard, you will have to purchase that version. Well here’s the link to their website, you will need to Sign Up for getting inside!

   Download GenyMotion

5) Andy

Another emulator on our list of best Android emulators is Andy. Andy is simple, free and compatible with both Windows and Mac, but certainly not the best. Reviews do say they beat Bluestack in terms of performance, but as a set back of installation issues, we prefer it last on the list. While having some unique features and easy to use traits, the software still makes it to the list.

Here are some of the features which highlight the software are here as follows.

  • You can control your Application with your smartphone while on it’s your monitor screen.
  • Allows you to play games with your Xbox or PS Controllers
  • Camera and Microphone integrated meaning you can use your personal computers to capture images or record voices respectively.
  • You can map your keyboard keys to a few selected touches you want, for gaming or handling applications

   Download Andy

The Outro!

After having this amazing tour of reading our best android emulators, you will be in a dilemma of choosing what to choose and what not to. Therefore as a personal suggestion, filter out your choices on what your main objective for using an emulator. Then after reading the compatibility to make sure it works your computer. Lastly, bifurcate the list on the basis of features, and choose the one which suits you perfectly. Stay Tuned! Happy Surfing!


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