Have you seen Motorola Moto X’s Active Display?? It turns on the mobile as soon as you take the phone in your hand. Thus you don’t have to use power button for turning on the android phone. But what if you can install similar feature in your android phone too so that you can turn on your android phone without pressing power button? Yes, now it can be possible with the use of android apps. There are many apps available in google play store.

automatically turn on your android device

Some apps are not compatible with all devices as they need proximity sensor so if your device don’t have proximity sensor then it will not work. Thus try below mentioned apps , it may work. I have tested in some devices and it worked perfectly.

Lets discuss some android apps for this.

Two Best Apps to Turn on android phone screen automatically

There are many apps for turning android screen automatically using proximity screen among which 2 best apps are listed here.

1) Wake up

Wake up is an excellent and awesome android app which will let your phone turn on automatically itself without touching or pressing by using sensors and tilt function. There are two version of this app. Free and paid version – Paid version comes with additional features making it more convenient and useful.

When you open this app for first time, you have to activate this app from Device administrator in settings Menu. Afterwards it will run in background . There are two ways to use this app.

  • Use its widget to start the app like when you click on the widget and turn off the screen it will turn on when you take the phone in your phone. But everytime you have to turn on the app using the widget
  • Second is enable the app automatically thus it will run in backgroud same like moto x’s active display but it will drain your battery too. Thus if you are comfortable with that then you can use it .

Thus it is most popular android app for turning on your android app automatically. Though I like this app but there are also other alternatives which you should look.

Download Wake up Apk


Recommended : 


2) Gravity Screen

Gravity is another great app and best alternative to wake up app. It’s major objective is to liberate you from power button. It has many advanced features like pocket sensor, table sensor, Motion and proximity sensor. It monitors the motion of your phone using gravity sensor and act accordingly. When you place your mobile in pocket , it automatically turn off your phone thus it is very handy app. Though it is having advanced features , it uses low battery as it uses proximity sensor only when necessary thus you can save battery easily. Also when it turns off your phone , it takes your phone in deep sleep state thus it also helps to save your battery.

This app also comes in two version – Free vs Paid:

Paid version removes the time limit of 15 minutes. More Information you can easily find from Google play store.

Download Gravity Screen Android App




Another Alternative is Auto Screen On/Off but I think above 2 are best and sufficient to mention. Both apps are best in their own terms and comes with best features thus selecting one is bit difficult but for free version Gravity screen looks more promising. Although I suggest to try both ones and then decide which one is better. I hope this apps works perfectly for your device. If you have any problem/doubts , feel free to contact us or comment below. We will help as soon as possible.One drawback in these apps is it drain more battery so it may have adverse effect.


  1. How do you power your phone off similarly without your power button working? For example. .if my phone dies because I was out and could not charge it ? How would i put my pound back on after it being charged

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