Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, the predecessor to the S9 and S9+, Samsung’s flagship devices were quite popular and well loved devices. They were launched with Android N and hadn’t been updated to Android O, up until now. In today’s tutorial we will look at how you can  get Android Oreo for  galaxy S8 or S8+ by Samsung manually, so let’s get started.

Do note that this tutorial will be looking at how to install Android Oreo on the Snapdragon variant of the S8 and S8+, as the Exynos variant has received an OTA in some parts of the world. The Android Oreo update bring with features like notification channels, picture-in-picture mode, notification snoozing, background app optimizations etc.

Although the technique is safe, be cautious that it may brick your device or corrupt it in irreparable ways. You have been warned.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ with model G950U or G955U. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF THE MODEL NUMBER DOESN’T MATCH
  • Software for S8 G950U 

Odin For S8 Update For S8

  • Software for S8+ G955U

Odin for S8+ Update for S8+

  • A computer preferably windows with ADB environment installed.

Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 or S8+

Steps to Install Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 or S8+

  • Confirm if your device has the model number G950U for S8 and G955U for S8+, you can check this by going to settings > About Device. If you have a different make DO NOT TRY TO FLASH THE ROM. You will brick your device.
  • If you do have the model we specified, then download these and extract them somewhere.


For S8

Odin files for S8
Update file for S8

For S8+

Odin file for S8+
Update file for S8+

  • Copy the update file to your SD card.
  • Download the Odin Tool from Here

Odin Tool for Flashing

  • Put the phone in download mode by powering the device off and then turning it on while holding Bixby button + Power button + Volume Down (-) Button together.
  • Connect the device to the PC via a USB Cable and launch the Odin software
  • In Odin you will see 5 different option but we only require 3 for this tutorial.
  • Click on the BL button and navigate to where ever you have extracted the files then select the file starting with BL.
  • Click the AP button and find the previously extracted files from where you selected the BL file and select the file that starts with AP.
  • Do the same for the file starting with CP as well.
  • Hit start at the bottom and let the software work its magic.
  • Once it is flashed, the device shall reboot. When it does, power it off again and boot into recovery mode by holding Bixby button + Power Button + Volume UP (+) button
  • Once in recovery select the “Apply update from SD card” and then navigate to the update zip on the SD card. Select it by a press of the power button. It will start the update process.
  • Once the installation is completed, just reboot the device and bam you’re done.
  • You have successfully installed Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 or S8+

Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 or S8+

Steps to Check Update to Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 or S8+

You can also manually check for  the update as it has started rolling out to some users in some regions, you may get luck and get the update.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to about phone
  3. Go to software
  4. Check for update manually.
  5. If it is available tap on download now

Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 or S8+

We hope our guide here helped you install Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 or S8+, if you face any troubles or have any queries regarding the process we would be happy to help you out below in the comments.

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