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Backups are very important aspect in this changing world. Android also need backup in many situations .Thanks to google , your contacts are backed up automatically / But what about SMS, call logs, bookmarks, non-Google calendars, and more? When you need to back those items up, it’s time to look beyond the built-in Android backup. For that, you should turn to an app like Super Backup.


Here are some features you can expect to see with Super Backup:


  • Should Backup apps to your external  SD card
  • Should Backup contacts, call logs, bookmarks,SMS and calendars to SD card
  • Should Be able to Restore contacts,  call logs, bookmarks,SMS, and calendars from SD card
  • Delete the backup data on SD card
  • Schedule and many more


Now lets see how you can install Super Backup


Its very easy to install super Backup

>Go to Google Play Store.

>Search for “super backup” (no quotes)

>Locate the entry for Super Backup : SMS & Contacts




First step is you need to select default storage for your backup.  In order to set this option, tap on the wrench icon on the main page (Figure A). Tap the backup path entry, select External Storage Card, and then tap OK.

Now backup will be saved in memory card

Figure A

create android backup

Super Backup running on a Verizon-branded Motorola Moto X.

Next step is to backup other components

There are options for various backups which you can see in Figure A


Figure B

android super backup

Backing up apps with Super Backup.

The backup process is very simple. Just select the option you want to backup and it will do the backup By default, the backup file name will look like:



where item is either apps, SMS, call logs, etc and date is a string of characters representing the date.

After you’ve given the backup a name (or are okay with the default), tap OK to begin the backup process. Depending on how large your backup is, this can take some time.

One of the Best  features of Super Backup is the ability to set up scheduled backups for SMS, contacts, and call logs. Here’s how:


  1. From the main App window, tap the wrench icon
  2. Go to  Schedule Settings
  3. Select the item
  4. Select the time frequency of the scheduled backup
Select how often you want the scheduled backup to run.

That’s it. The scheduled backup will automatically run. You can enable auto-upload the backups in gmail

If you’re looking for an easy way to back up most of everything in your Android phone, Super Backup is best for you.

What backup tool do you use on your mobile device? Share you experience in the comment  below.

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