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This section comprises of research-based best apps listicles. We test apps and compile list of best apps for you to easily get great apps from the haystack of millions of apps in app stores. Each best apps list also contain respective download links to the app store for you to easily download apps.

We feature many best apps list like –

best slow motion apps

Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2018

Cameras on Smartphones are becoming so good that it may soon replace the trusty old DSLR (This will never happen, DSLR FTW!) and with...

Top 20 Best Xposed Modules For Android 2018

Xposed framework is one of the best tweaker there is out there for android which allows the user to change things around without a...
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ad-blocking, block in-app ads, in-app ads

How to block all in-app ads on Android?

Ads are everywhere. They are inescapable and sometimes, unavoidable too. If you like an app so much so that you use it all the...
minimalist apps

10 Best Android Minimalist Games Worth Playing

Games are fun and a very good way to pass some time while doing something menial like waiting in a queue or sitting on...
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best email apps for android

10 Best Email Apps For Android 2018

For those of you who expect productivity to lead the way in your life; pre-configured email apps for Android simply cannot be enough. There’s...
best audio editing apps for android

10 best music editor apps for Android in 2018

First we had records, then there were cassette players- after that came discman which eventually evolved into MP3 players. Today though, we don’t need...
dual WhatsApp accounts, GBWhatsApp APK, WhatsApp Plus APK, Parallel Space

3 ways to install dual WhatsApp accounts on one Android smartphone

Android has a much bigger market share than iOS, that’s a fact! By the end of this post, you will know exactly why I...
best apps for galaxy note 8

10 Best Apps for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Even with all of the embarrassment brought by Galaxy Note 7, Samsung dared to introduce their latest, Galaxy Note 8. This smartphone is everything...
polycon icon pack

10 Best Nova Launcher themes & Icon Packs 2018

The interface of a Smartphone is what most people care about while buying a good Smartphone. There are different themes in smartphones. In one...
best android tv apps

15 Best Apps for Android TV Box

Check out our list of best android apps for Android TV Box.Television or TV set is in the existence since ages and people nowadays...