Today, it is difficult to find people without their phone’s light reflecting on their faces. There is a smartphone app for anything and everything. The good thing is, many of these apps can make our lives as students a lot easier.

Right from reaching the class on time, taking notes, revising and keeping up with the lectures, many apps today play an integral part in students’ lives. If you are curious about which apps to download, here are the five most recommended apps for students that have proved to be helpful in many ways.

  1. EssayPro

One thing worse than exams is missing the deadline for the assignment. EssayPro has been helping students for years, offering quality work consistently. Now with the app, all you need to do is to tap at the “write my essay” option and get a well-researched paper on time.

With the motto, any subject, any topic, any deadline, this essay writing service assists and offers to deliver the work with a minimum order time of just six hours. Whether you need an essay from scratch or to proofread, it could easily be done with the super user-friendly interface. The best thing is, the app can also be synced with multiple devices and enables access from all of them.

Did we forget to mention that EssayPro also offers a money back guarantee? So even if the customer are not satisfied with the work, which they assure will never happen, then a refund is guaranteed. You cannot hope for a better app than this.

  1. Office Lens

Is the lecture going too fast for you to take proper notes? Fret not, with the new Office Lens app, you can take photographs of whiteboards that could be converted into a pdf. Forget the days, when you needed to type too fast to get every dot and coma.

Office lens also can convert photos of blackboards, documents, magazines, receipts and a lot more; all cleaning up the glare and coming up with perfect conversions even when the picture was taken at an angle. The most useful feature is that once converted, you could edit and share these texts too.

  1. Todait

Just taking notes and studying alone is not enough these days. Planning how to do it and how much time to allocate for it has become an integral part of the student schedules. Enter the latest addition to the study planner scene, Todait with its super organizational skills.

Where it stands out? The app actually tells how much time you need to study and designate for each subject to achieve your goal. It also tracks your progress and adjusts the plan depending on it. it even gives the weekly and monthly statistics to let you know whether there is a need to put in more effort or whether you are on top of your game.

  1. Cite This For Me

Getting citations done could be the most frustrating thing students will ever have to do while in school. Harward and Chicago are no longer just the names of cities; they are the most confusing formats that have the power to wreck your brain.

So take a rest from constant googling on citations and get this app, Cite This For Me. It’s simple enough to choose the reference style, add the details, and you can print out the complete citations for flawless bibliography.

  1. StudyBlue

Revision is the most important aspect of prepping for exams. And doing it right could make all the difference. StudyBlue comes up with excellent flashcards based on your course information. You can also create flashcards, add images and even add audio for pronunciation.

You could further import your notes to make these cards. Most of the information comes from students itself, so it is assured that the app works when students themselves vouch for it. Now with the mobile app, one can also access these cards from anywhere making the exam prep that much easier.

Final Takeaway

There are many more apps out there which you will find useful for your needs. Start with trying out these, and you will surely see how they make your life a lot better. With proper usage, mobile apps could definitely save a lot of time and energy. So start Pomodoro timers and work your way towards reaching that top point of academic excellence.

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