Television is a kind of entertainment medium, but it has grown too much of an extent with Android-based TV which is known as Smart TV’s, but currently, they are too costly and might also create a hole in your pocket. The best way to save that is to get an Android TV device which can connect to your existing television over HDMI port and convert your old station into a smart tv.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s answer on the Google Chromecast or Teewe or any other smart TV devices. Fire TV Stick is used to stream media from over the internet and can showcase videos from Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, and YouTube. There are different applications which you can install on the Fire TV Stick and enjoy using the app over your television. We also consider Fire TV as one of the best Android TV box that you can buy.

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Working with the Fire TV Stick is quite easy where you will put in your Amazon Fire TV Stick and power it via a USB Cable which can plug into any USB outlet of your television. Once it’s done you have to set it up via the mobile application and your device will be ready to use. Although for the Fire TV Stick from Amazon to work, you will need a high-bandwidth internet connection. As most of the applications on the device will require streaming via the Internet, although meanwhile, you are offline you can even use it to watch your offline videos which you can store on an SD card and plug in the TV or copy to the 8GB of internal storage available already with the device.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Pricing:

It comes at a cost of $29.99 which in Indian rupees is 3999/- INR. In my opinion, it’s the best value for money product. With just an expense of $29.99 you can make your normal TV a smart TV. Isn’t that amazing? 😀

Five features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick which you must know:

There are many ways you can improve your Fire Stick experience. However, I am adding the 5 features that I think every user should know. If you want to use Fire TV Stick to its full potential, you can head to sites like Fire Stick Tricks, which are dedicatedly writing about Amazon’ Fire TV and Stick. There you can find several tips to stream free movies / TV shows as well as live TV channels.

  1. Control the Fire TV Stick with Alexa: This is one of the best integration by Amazon for the TV Stick. With Alexa, you can easily say “Launch Amazon Prime” or command it as “Skip ahead 5 minutes” or “Play Infinity Wars on Netflix.” It will listen to all your commands and start functioning.
  2. Use the Fire TV Stick to play games: You can even use the Fire TV Stick to play games on your television via Bluetooth remote control. Although the processor and RAM included on the device is low, still many low to medium graphic games are still playable on the device.
  3. Prime Content: Amazon Prime on the Fire TV Stick is available at a discounted subscription after which you can enjoy the full selection of movies and Hollywood series on your television.
  4. Parental Controls: With parental controls, you can easily restrict access to mature/adult content, and hence your Amazon TV will display children-friendly content in its catalog.
  5. Track Data Usage: There is a built-in data tracking facility with which you can quickly estimate the amount of overall data you streamed and and cut slash your internet broadband bills.


I hope you liked this article on Everything you need to know about Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you still have any doubts between Google Chromecast & Amazon Fire Stick than leave a comment down below. I’d love to answer your queries.

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