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Firewalls are as necessary as Anti-Virus software in our computers. A secure connection with trusted internal network following a set of rules to provide your privacy is what, we need at times.

FireWalls; The Wall Of Fire

Going deeper into it, the firewall is a type of system, generally designed for the network security system. It does it job by observing and managing, arriving and departing traffic of networks on the basis of a set of rules.

Therefore you will need the firewalls on your devices which uses the Internet. Certainly, an Android Smartphone is one of the most frequently used as compared to your laptops and desktops. Fortunately, the latter ones already have an inbuilt firewall service but what about your Android Devices? They too need a system to look after your Personal Data and help you get rid of untrusted networks.

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So here are the methods for How To Add Firewall To Your Android Device

Inbuilt Techniques

Lets first talk about the inbuilt method which has been provided in each and every Android Device :

1) Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect helps you to not just to enable safe browsing but along with it builds a barrier between untrusted applications and your Android Smartphone to protect your personal data.

Here’s how to access it :

  1. Go To Play Store
  2. Select Menu from the Top Left Corner
  3. Choose Play Protect
  4. Enable ” Scan Device for Security Threats”                                                                      
  5. You are now protected from harmful applications.

2) Google Chrome

One other to way safe browsing which you have been always had in your browser settings is by enabling the safe browsing option from your Google Chrome.

Here are steps to enable safe browsing option on your Google Chrome :

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Tap on the Menu Option with three dots on your Top Right Corner 
  3. Go To Settings                                                                                                           
  4. Select Privacy                                                                                                             
  5. Checkmark Safe Browsing                                                                                           

Install NoRoot Firewall

Another way to get secured communications with trusted websites to keep your personal data protected is by installing NoRoot Firewall application providing you firewall system.

Here’s how to use NoRoot Firewall

  1. Download the NoRoot Firewall application from the below                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Download NoRoot Firewall
  2. Open the NoRoot Firewall application and click Start as shown below
  3. Then after you will be seeing a pop up asking you for permissions, click Okay and continue
  4. On swiping left you will see different options like Pending Access, Global Filters, Access Log etc as shown believe.

The Outro!

Well, here you are, finished learning how to enable Firewall, the walls of fire creating a barrier to fight unwanted websites and malware from the internet. But this method, does it satisfies you? I guess not but we assure you that even if you follow the first two methods from the inbuilt procedures, you will be safe and nothing will harm your Android Device and your Personal Data. Don’t forget to share your experience using these techniques and if you have any other alternate method, feel free to share. Stay Tuned! Keep Sharing!

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