Acer-Chromebook-11-840x379Acer has launched its new Chromebook, called as Chromebook 11, the device features two USB type-C ports along with the 11.6-inch display. It has got the latest Celeron processors and will be available from April this year. The pricing for this Chromebook will start from $250.

The manufacturer is known for making Chromebooks at a lower price segment.

The design of the laptop is unassuming and looks very generous due to the use of plastic throughout. The striking blue color, combined with black colored touchpad, keyboard areas, and palm rest, gives an overall contrast to the Chromebook 11.

On the exterior, the laptop has got two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack, two USB type-C ports, one being on either side and a MicroSD card reader. The display is 11.6 inches and comes in two variants ( non-touch and touch ) and features a resolution of 1,366 X 768 along with dual speakers and HD webcam on the top.

Under all these exterior features, the Chromebook features the latest version of Celeron processors. The company hasn’t yet revealed any specific specifications. They haven’t revealed whether there would be any other variant. The manufacturer, however, did reveal that you can purchase the laptop with either 4gb, or 2gb RAM, and in terms of storage, either 32gb or 16gb. The laptop also comes with google play support.

Looking at the stats, you can tell that Chromebook 11 isn’t meant for hardcore tasks or productivity. It is being positioned as a low to mid-range Chromebook which you can carry to your coffee shop or the library.

As of now, there are no clear reports on configurations for the Chromebook’s price tag.  Despite this, the Chromebook will be available to the public for sale starting from $250 for the most basic version.


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