Roblox is a multiplayer and user generated game which can be played online. Here you can have fun by developing templates, customizing it, creating costumes like shirts, jacket, hoodie and even superhero costumes. You can also monetize your development by launching it online and make other users buy it, which can redeem in the form of reward. In this platform, there are 15 million+ games developed by the users themselves. Later, convert it into cash by Developer Exchange Program. It is a social gaming platform, created by using Lua programming language. This available for Windows, Mac, iOS, android, and Xbox too.

I am going to tell you some basics tips from basics to advanced, building to playing Roblox game!!

1. Developing your games

First off open Roblox studio game when the program loads you’ll see the game templates listed in the main window. You can choose models based around beautiful themes or gameplay some of these gameplay templates are ready to play right out the gate, but you can customize them any way you like. Select one of the templates that have already fully built the infinite runner. You can publish this game immediately and start playing, but it gets a lot more fun if you customize it, the template games we designed to be easily modified without having to script anything. You can change any classic themes into a sci-fi theme by searching for a skybox in the toolbox, so you can change how the sky looks.


You can also customize the colour and materials of all the parts with just a few simple clicks. For example, you can change stones to metals and add some glowing effects to some of these obstacles with your parts selected just go up a model tab and select the material and colour you want. You can have obstacles like Lava hoping, trampoline jumping, maze, disappearing stairs, etc. In about an hour you can make your game look unique as you learn new tricks you can continue to edit the game by adding new obstacles, making custom graphics and even changing the animations, check out the comparison between the original game and our customized one, when you are real to show off your game just click file and publish to Roblox, and you have it. You have got your own game in your style the great thing about these themed games is that you tinker with them.

2. Making costumes

We need a custom clothing for your character. Find the developed page by clicking on the blue navigation bar at the top of the page. The color-coded shirts template show how your shirt wrapped around your Roblox. You have transparent one; transparency means skin colour of Roblox. Make short sleeves open shirts fabric rips or whatever you want. The fun part is designing your shirt; you can make any of that you desired. You can also buy shirt from Robux. You can use online Robux generator to get free Robux. Have some simple basics lines for a shading effect and game logos. When you got more comfortable, have cool textures like denim, etc. After you are done with your designing save it in PNG format so that the transparency stays. Now, head over to the Roblox develop the page and upload your shirt. You can make money by selling your costumes and earning reward later cash it.

3. Roblox tools and plugin

Sometimes players use different tools for one activity because they do not tend to expand their choices and make easily manageable building blocks so complicated. Use the important default tools provided by the standard studio for a complete rotation, size, and alignment of details. There is some plugin available to ease your job as Q cmd tel enables you to resize, drag also rotate around an axis. Command panel is one of the most useful plugins. If you want to make a motor then just select a brick and then in tools choose an engine. Now, click on the on which you want to place the motor and then put one more brick on it. Now, activate the motor and use it.

4. Using the weapons

Using the customary ways during the game can make to survive longer in the game. There are a hundred weapons provided for your support. There are many weapons like sword fighting, gun fighting, rocket arena and much more. Use some peculiar methods like constantly attempt to maintain the sword inside the opponent for as long as you can is Sword Fighting. To moonwalk, zoom in all the way then press W A S or D. In rocket arena, use the jet boots and dominate the enemies with the rocket. Press the rocket button on the keys to shift without falling.

5. Persistent

May be it will be the tough task for you to defeat a player especially an advanced one, but it won’t last longer. If any group or player is bullying you, then you can use the “Report Abuse” option. This will ensure safety. There is one universal tip to play anyone of the game is to be persistent and explore new techniques and always update your strategies.

In this platform, you can add 200 friends and unlimited followers. You can enter into a community club, can promote your group, participate in group connections and initiate their elemental group. When you join a clan for example war clan always choose rewards for fighting experience and fighting skills both.

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