5 dangerous apps your kids shouldn’t install on iPhones

You finally agreed to give your kids an iPhone. But you’re still not sure. Is it absolutely safe for a child to have an iPhone? Sure, you can stay in touch with your offspring … but is that really why they wanted the phone? Or was it just you?

Did your kids have another purpose in mind for the expensive iPhone you just bombed?

Most Likely a lot of apps purport to be ideal for kids and young adults, but actually turn out pretty horrible. We couldn’t cover them all here, but we’ve collected five of the worst to consider.

It’s not just social media. Games, dating apps, and tricks that hide app icons are all misused, either by your kids or by online predators. To keep your child safe, we will also talk about a reliable spy app that is invisible.

5 dangerous apps your kids shouldn’t install on iPhones


The first dangerous application is Snapchat. It seems that the phrase “snap a pic” loses its innocence when people use it to share nude photos of themselves with strangers online. This app makes this way too easy for kids who are not mature enough by encouraging them to take images and send text messages without leaving any traces on their phone or computer.

Snapchat has functions such as Snap Maps, Snapcode and stories. All of them can be used to identify the location of your child, send private information about their whereabouts even if you disabled the photo or video sending function. The same concerns images with geotags because they will allow anyone who sees it to know where exactly this picture was taken.

There are many cases when pictures that were meant for Snapchat friends ended up on Facebook without permission from parents. This is what could happen if children do not delete Snaps right away after viewing them. It happens often especially in summer camps or at parties where teens don’t pay attention to saving photos sent by people around them.

You should restrict access to snapchat for your children by not allowing them to download it on their phones. You can also disable certain features of snapchat if you want but that might be annoying for teens so think about how much they use Snapchat and what functions are important for them before doing it.

Dating app

Dating apps may seem like a safe way to find someone special, but that’s not always the case. These apps are often connected to social media where people may post personal information without realizing it could be used against them.

On a dating site, your child can be contacted by anyone and may not know the person they’re talking to is an adult. A stranger person might ask your daughter or son for personal information and that is when you need to be alerted.

Dating apps are dangerous because of their connection with social media where people post personal information without realizing it could be used against them. Your child might talk with strangers who try to obtain important data from him/her which makes this application very dangerous even if it looks safe at first sight.

Therefore, if your child is underage, you should avoid downloading this application or act in a way that could increase your child’s security.

5 dangerous apps your kids shouldn’t install on iPhones


Tumblr is another app children should stay away from because it has many adult themes and explicit material on its site. Children who use Tumblr risk seeing inappropriate content and having their accounts hacked or compromised by strangers they meet online.

Tumblr is an app where people can post text, photos and videos anonymously. This means anyone on Tumblr may not be who they appear to be which makes it very dangerous for underage users because strangers could use the anonymity feature of the site against your kids. Your children might get into contact with adult persons without even knowing about it, therefore if you want to keep them safe make sure they don’t have access to such applications like Tumblr. 


Ask.fm is a social network where people can ask each other questions and get anonymous answers. Ask.fm is popular among teenagers due to the lack of registration: they do not need to provide their real name or any personal information in order to start using this service (just username). Ask.fm allows users to send messages anonymously, which often leads to bullying as well as cyberbullying cases occurring on Ask.fm platform since it allows offenders remain unidentified while threatening victims with violence or death threats.

Ask me anything (AMA) websites like Ask.fm enable people to anonymously ask questions of others on a certain topic, such as dating or mental health issues. These sites can lead children into dangerous territory without parents even knowing it happened, so keep these apps in your sights at all times.


Roblox is an extremely popular game for kids with over 26 million active users every month! The problem is, there isn’t much parental supervision in this multiplayer gaming community which can lead to trouble down the line such as cyberbullying and meeting dangerous individuals off of the Roblox.

It might look like an innocent Minecraft clone , but Roblox is a pretty nasty place if you’re a kid. Building things from blocks is beautiful, of course; interacting with some of the other players is absolutely questionable.

Of course, not all other players on Roblox are insidious adults. But parents need to be aware of what is happening in the game. This can prove to be quite difficult, and even if you join the game on your own, you are unaware of everything that is going on. Fortunately, Roblox introduced some security features starting in 2017, with parental controls to disable in-game chat, set the appropriate age, and improve moderation.

How can you protect your child from dangerous apps on his iPhone? 

5 dangerous apps your kids shouldn’t install on iPhones

We will talk about how to monitor your child’s iPhone using mSpy, so you can know what they are doing on their phone. It includes the features of the app and why it is a good idea for parents like you who want to make sure that their children use their iPhones safely. We also explain some things about the product.

How does mSpy work? 

mSpy works by accessing data from your iOS device (iPhone) remotely which means no jailbreak required! Once installed, all activity such as messages sent & received via WhatsApp/Skype/Kik Messenger; emails; GPS locations; web history etc., gets uploaded to your online dashboard which you can access from anywhere.

Why use mSpy?

mSpy helps parents monitor their children’s activity and also gives them a sense of security so they know what is going on with the phone 24/hours a day, 365 days a year! All information captured by the app remains safe and secure even though it is being sent over an unsecured connection: SSL 256-bit encryption technology. It has been developed for iOS devices such as iPhone & iPad but works well on Android too. The app lets you track up to three different accounts at any one time making it perfect for couples or families that share an account together. You will receive alerts if there are changes in GPS locations, call history, device usage and much more. Also, you can use the Control Panel to check in anytime you want!


So you can see that we have considered the most dangerous applications for your children that could potentially harm them. So please keep an eye on what your children are installing on their phones. If necessary, try to limit your children from such apps.

 We have also looked at the best spy apps you could use to keep your child safe. If you want to be sure of what your child is doing, then you should use mSpyt. This is a safe app that has many features. Best of all, it is invisible. You can remain your child’s friend and keep him safe at the same time.

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