So you got the new shiny toy for yourself, the Samsung S9 or S9+ the best device from Samsung currently but don’t know what to do with it? Fret not my friend we have the perfect guide for you today. Let us take a look at the top 5 cool things you can do with your Samsung galaxy S9 or Samsung galaxy S9+

1. Set up Face Unlock and Iris Unlock on  Samsung Galaxy S9

So you have played around a bit with your device and want to test out all its great new features? Well, setting up facial recognition would be the first thing we advise you to do. The older Samsung devices came with only Iris scanning but the new Samsung galaxy S9 and Samsung galaxy S9+ come with a combination of Iris scanning and Face recognition. If you don’t fancy face unlock, thankfully Samsung has listen to our complaints and placed the fingerprint sensor where it is supposed to be.

Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Set up Face Unlock on Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Go to settings
  2. Navigate to Lock Screen and Security
  3. Tap Intelligent scan and enter your password or whatever other method you used to lock your device
  4. Once completed just lock your device to try your newly set up functionality of Facial recognition.

2. Enable Always on Display on Samsung Galaxy S9

Fed up of unlocking your phone again and again to just to glance at your notifications? Just enable Always on Display and you will always see the clock as well as the most recent notifications without unlocking your device. How does this impact battery life you ask? Well since the samsung galaxy S9 uses AMOLED technology, only the pixels which are activated light up instead of the whole display and thus it actually ends up conserving the battery on your device.

How to enable Always on Display

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap the search bar
  3. Search for “Always on Display”
  4. Toggle the switch to activate it
  5. Done

3. Tinker with the Screen Resolution of the Samsung Galaxy S9

The phone comes with a WQHD+ Display or in layman terms a 2k display. It is not the most efficient display out there and that coupled with a considerably tiny battery on the samsung galaxy S9 makes for a recipe for disaster. Thankfully though the devices comes with the capability to natively change the screen resolution to conserve battery and that is what we recommend you to do. Change the screen resolution to Full HD or even 720p HD to conserve battery.

Samsung Galaxy S9

How  to change screen resolution on the Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Display
  3. Tap on Screen Resolution
  4. Adjust the resolution as per your liking
  5. Done

4. Play around with the AR Emoji on the Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung launched the S9 and S9+ with a feature strikingly similar to that of it’s competitors offering *Wink*Apple*Wink* but it is quite fun to play with regardless of the fact. The AR Emoji basically allows you to create a 3D avatar of yourself, something previously seen on BitMoji from Snapchat and Animoji from Apple. The process to use it is fairly easy as well.

Create AR Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S9+

  1. Go to the Camera
  2. Swipe till you find the AR Emoji section
  3. Press Create My Emoji
  4. Click a picture of your Face and let the phone do the rest.
  5. You can customize it a fair bit too if you would like to do that.

5. Play around with Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy S9

Some people love it, most hate it but everyone is stuck with it. Yes, Bixby, Siri’s stunted cousin. No one likes it  but they have to to live with it. Well, if everyone has to be stuck might as well make some use of it right? One of the more useful feature of Bixby is real time translation which you can easily use by the following method.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Translate anything in real time on your Samsung Galaxy S9+

  1. Open the Camera App
  2. On the left, tap on the eye icon
  3. If this is your first time using bixby (I wouldn’t be surprised if it is) then it will ask for your login credentials to your Samsung account (Do you really have one? hopefully yes) and you will have to agree to terms and conditions set out by Samsung (no one reads them, just accept and move on)
  4. Once done, you will then be able to choose what you want bixby to do (Given the liberty, I would choose to completely disable Bixby and uninstall it but that isn’t happening)
  5. Now just point your camera to something you don’t quite understand and see it get translated in real time.

So this was our list of the top 5 things you should do with your Samsung galaxy S9 or Samsung galaxy S9+, we hope you enjoyed this small list and if you have any opinions do leave them below in the comments.

If want to know more about the Galaxy S9 and S9+ do check out some of it’s features that we covered in this article right here! And for everything else related to Android, do keep coming back to theDroidWay!


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