Smartphone have now replaced music players and walkman and now became the major source to listen music .  Apple always played a major role in music industry with the advent of iphones, ipods, itunes and recently by buying beats music.

iPhone is the most popular device having a large number of users rather loyal users . But many users are not satisfied with its volume . Though it is not the major problem in western countries as they are more used to with earphones but in other countries specially developing countries , people seeing it as a flaw in apple products . When my friend also talked about this , I started searching ways to increase volume in iphone.

And Finally I am here with the way on How to boost volume in iphone . Here I have featured 5 Best apps to increase Volume in iPhone .

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iphone volume boost


1) Bass Boost

As its tagline suggests “FEEL THE RUMBLE” , A high quality music player for the iPhone that gives the user full control of the bass. Take advantage of those good headphones.This app is meant to be used with headphones and attached speakers only. Suitable for those who just want to enhance their listening experience with a little more kick to those who want their bass to reach “booty-shaking” proportions.

Buy the full version to get all the benefits without the restrictions or buy the in app purchases to remove them one by one.

Download Bass Boost

2) Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Quality Booster)

Equalizer+ the new standard concerning sound player! An absolute necessity need to listen to your music! Help and enhance your sound quality and volume on account of Equalizer+! Equalizer + is both a music track player and a recurrence equalizer. Access your own particular music library specifically from the application. Set the frequencies you like for your tunes and recovery your presets. Equalizer + empowers you to control 5 distinctive band frequencies. Change each one channel to acquire out the best your music. More to the cut recurrence channels, you’ll have the likelihood to increase much more your bass sounds on account of the Bass Booster alternative. At last, you’ll have the capacity to envision your sound on account of a range analyser, straightforwardly accessible from the application.

Download Equalizer

3) SuperLoud Standard – Amazing Quality Equalizer

Superloud Standard was intended for an extensive variety of individuals to revel in the best sound quality.

This Amazing Quality Sound Engine (with Equalizer) that advanced further has been centered for the most part on created its sound quality. The motor is quick to seek after an amazing sound with the recurrence of more than 4000, so the default worth set to the best sound quality for every gadget.

This Audio Player has the 5 Bands/10 Bands Graphic Equalizer, Spline style Graphic Equalizer and some preset equalizers. Superloud Standard permits you to change the sound impacts what you like.

Download SuperLoud Standard

4) SonicMax Pro

Transform your iphone, itouch or ipad into a HD-quality music player.

Hear all the sound you never listened. Hear each instrument, each vocal, each harmony, each twang, crunch, tap, cull and sigh with more prominent clarity and element vicinity. BBE’s protected engineering restores the common warmth, clarity and definition that have been lost from your advanced listening knowledge. Rediscover the rush of deeper wealthier lows, predominant clarity and definition, expanded upper symphonious detail and better general sound execution paying little heed to the nature of your headphones, dock, or speakers.

This piece is for the person who needs it to be louder than the loudest. This application is uncommonly composed with one thought in mind,to give the best sound out experience to the clients at an extremely sensible cost with an extra property of its easy to use interface.

Download SonicMax Pro

 5)  Volume Boost++

Volume Boost gives an incorporated music and volume control interface which provides for you a level of control way past the ordinary furthest reaches of your device.volume Boost is going to Maximize(3x!) your control over the VOLUME !!!

More than 3 times more noteworthy than with your iphone/ipad alone!

Your ears are going to like it !Your music will be at the right sound level—not excessively noisy or excessively peaceful. It a definitive control, inconceivable with simply the 16 default increase.

Download Volume Boost++

This are some great apps to boost volume . IF you know any other great app then please share with us by commenting .

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