As the world grows significantly more dependent on new technologies, we have also seen the number of tech-focused blogs and online newspapers grow. As a result, today can be a considered a golden age for free information about technologies. But as the number of bloggers and reporters grows with each new tech advancement, it also becomes more and more difficult to stand out if you’re a tech blogger yourself!

There are lots of ways to try to address this, but first and foremost it helps to know which aspects of modern tech are most relevant to a current audience. So if you want your voice heard, these are some areas you may want to start with.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s the talk of tech town, and for good reason. Artificial intelligence (AI) already has plenty of applications in business, retail, marketing, cloud technology, cyber security, military, finance, and many other key fields and industries – and most believe that it’s just getting started. Despite all that, however, there is still massive confusion as to what AI really is and what it can become. This is where you can come into the picture as a tech blogger. Useful knowledge of AI concepts and applications will endear you to followers and readers looking for practical, easily digestible information on these topics. And if at all possible, try to avoid any references to Skynet, or pictures of silver-screen Terminators – people at this point want to know about the real thing!

Sports Betting

Sports betting isn’t new, but its status as a tech-forward industry is. While plenty of betting still happens at physical locations, it’s undeniable that much of the action now happens on the web and via apps – and some are even starting to talk about how it could conceivably be adapted to fit into virtual and augmented reality programs. In short, it’s a growing niche producing enough new information to consistently supply any budding tech blog. Today’s online platforms, based primarily in the United Kingdom, make free betting options available and attract customers with different sorts of bonuses, but they also tend to supply bettors with news, on key athletes and teams, new developments, and shifts in the odds. Particularly if you’re able to combine some of this betting-specific content with tech-oriented looks at newer betting sites and apps (meaning where to find them, what differentiates them, how they’re regulated and kept secu
re, etc.), you may be able to establish significant value with a growing audience.


Smartphones run the world, and smartphones would be nothing without apps. Whether it’s dating, infant care, intellectual gaming, secure private messaging, meal planning, or just about anything else, we can assure you that there’s an app for that. You don’t have to be a developer yourself to start blogging about apps (though it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have some hands-on technical experience). All you really need is a lot of personal experience in using smartphone and/or tablet apps for a variety of tasks, hobbies, and practical uses, to the point that you’re comfortable talking about what makes some more effective than others. The modern world appears to have an insatiable hunger for apps, and this entails a constant need for up-to-date information on any and all related topics.


It’s time to get used to the idea that the gap between fashion and technology is virtually nonexistent. In fact, ever since the first humans figured out how to weave fabrics from fibers, fashion has been a primary mover of technology. In a nutshell, fashion is tech. This is why it’s been recommended on occasion for startups to pay more attention to Fashion Week – such events can be breeding grounds for new tech. To discuss some specific connections, some fashion designers and producers are currently exploring the potential of blockchain technology to reduce the circulation of counterfeit fashion pieces; new research about the human body is bridging the gaps between aesthetic and ergonomic considerations; and augmented and virtual reality are being used to alter and improve the fashion retail experience. Wherever you look in the world of fashion, tech follows suit – something that any modern tech blog looking to stan
d out should be considerate of.

Of course there are many areas beyond these that a tech blog today can (and should) cover. But these are some areas with built-in audiences of their own that not a lot of these blogs do cover, and which you can find a lot to say about from a tech perspective.

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