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How to Use WhatsApp for PC Officially

The most popular messaging platform WhatsApp is now officially available for your PC’s. As it was first only available in your smartphones but there were many third-party softwares or apps which were able to connect whatsapp in your PC too. But now whatsapp has officially announced it’s PC version and now you can chat with your favourite contacts, friends or in groups just by connecting whatsapp in your PC, without any additional apps. If your mobile is in charging and you are away from it then you can get connect in your PC or Laptop and enjoy using it.

For now, whatsapp for PC requires Google chrome browser and also it’s not currently available for ios users, but it is available for Android, Blackberry and Windows phone users. Now first just once check out that whether your whatsapp app in your phone updated means carrying a latest version is must. Now open in your PC to get install.

Step 1 : Update WhatsApp Android App and Chrome browser

Update whatsApp app
Android App
Update chrome
Update chrome browser










Here you need to have your whatsapp app and chrome browser updated as when you will open this link it will first check whether your browser is updated or is compatible. So the message as shown above in the image will get appear if you are not up to date with your chrome browser and with WhatsApp android App. After getting updated with your Android app the new tab will appear which is name “WhatsApp Web”.

Step 2 : Open in your PC and “WhatsApp web” in your   android phone.

whatsapp website


Scan the code

So first open the link in your PC and as shown in the first image scan code will appear and below you can see the OS which it is supporting. And now move on to your android phone and click on the “WhatsApp Web” which is in the menu section so as you click on the second image shown above will appear and follow the instructions written on it as it is explaining that you have to put the mobile in-front of the code appearing in your PC and it will immediately scan the code and really the scanning process is very fast.

That’s It now enjoy using it in your PC.

WhatsApp for PC


Now your WhatsApp messenger will be handle in your PC or laptop and you can receive messages, notifications and also you can send messages through your PC.

How to get Logged Out?

Now, here WhatsApp has provided a good feature that you select whether you want to be remain sign-in or not. But if you tick mark on by your own or by mistake on Keep me sign-in then you can just logged out as i will show you. So now I will show you to get logged out from PC as well as you can logged out by using your android phone too.

log out from PC


Log out through android


So this is how you can get disconnect from your PC or also you can get log out from your android phone too.

This is what a new feature introduce by WhatsApp. Comment below if you have any queries or any suggestions.              Thank You…!!!














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