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Top 10 best Free movies download Android apps

Watch Movies in Android

20 years ago, if somebody would have told me that I will have a 5-inch device in my pocket in which I will be able to watch full movies, I would have shown that person the way to the nearest hospital.Now, I watch more movies in my Android Smartphone every month then I watch in TV and theaters combined. It’s really hard to believe that our phones have developed so much in so little time.But you know what’s harder? To believe The fact that even after we have so much better phones, we still don’t have apps that match their quality.I mean there are so many apps available in the play store to watch movies online but very few are reliable. Most of them are either too slow or filled with too many annoying ads.Solving the problem of our readers we have made a list of the best Android Applications to watch movies online

online movies in android

Top Ten Android applications to watch movies online

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  1. Free Movies

As the name suggests, this app solely focuses on providing you Free movies to watch online. It’s a very basic app which connects you a database of 5000+ movies to watch.The movies come in many different categories such as sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, history, mystery and more.However The UI of the app is old fashioned and the app lacks lots of features that’s why it only made it to number 10.

  1. BigStar Movies

Big Star is an app for people who like to watch the best Cinema from around the world. The app has award-winning independent movies, different foreign films and documentaries.It connects you to the global cinema and makes you feel fresh. However if you are looking for Hollywood movies then this app is not for you. The app has both Free and paid versions in play store with paid version offering unlimited usage and ad-free UI.

  1. TubiTv

Different people expect many different features from the same app. so it becomes very hard to satisfy each customer. But even after that TubiTv has managed to get 4 out of 5 ratings in the play store so they definitely deserve to be on this list.

You can watch both Movies and TV series for free. You have more than 40000 titles to choose from. If you are looking for different content to try then you should definitely check them out.

  1. Hubi

Unlike many other apps listed here, Hubi allows you to save your favorite videos for offline viewing very easily. Which is an excellent feature for people who travel a lot.

You can save your favorite movies and watch them even in the places where you don’t have Internet access. You can also create your own movie collection with them. They currently offer more than 39 categories for streaming.

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  1. Movie HD App

If you have been watching movies online from quite sometimes then you might remember an awesome app dubbed HD Cinema. Unfortunately, the developers stop supporting the app due to unknown reasons.Now the same developers have presented a new app to watch online movies named Movie HD. Seeing the previous reputation of the developer, we can say that this app will make it big in upcoming days.

  1. PlayBox HD

Here is something for you Apple lovers! Normally it’s very hard to find free stuff on IOS as they have built their reputation of being always ‘Premium’.

But PlayBox HD is an awesome free app available for both IOS and Android users for online streaming. Also, you can download movies in your mobile to watch them later.

  1. Viewster

If you are the type of person who likes spending their holidays watching the best of Animes then Viewster is all you need. It has a wide collection of Animes for you to watch.The app mainly focuses on providing original content rather than Hollywood movies. But it still has enough Hollywood content to keep you busy for a long while. It also supports Chromecast so you can enjoy your favorite shows on big screen as well.

  1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Times is an app which is famous as “Netflix of Torrents”. It’s one of the oldest streaming services available. Despite being shut down for a few times by government they keep coming back.

It also solves the problem of the complicated ways of downloading torrents. Means now you don’t have to explain the almost unexplainable process of downloading torrents to your irritating uncle. You can just install Popcorn times on their device and you are done.

  1. TV Portal

The simple and Flawless UI of TV Portal makes it one of the most popular live streaming application among android users. The app itself is very lite and offers an unlimited version just for 99p.It has more than 1000 Movies and TV series to be watched online. If a show is listed there then you can watch any episode from any season of that show.

  1. Showbox

You can get an idea of how successful Showbox is by the fact that the app is not available at the Play Store yet more than a Million Android users have installed and enjoyed their free streaming service.

They offer the biggest range of Movies and TV shows to be watched online. They also have a PC version of the app so you can watch all of their available shows on your computer too. You can download the app from their official website.

Wrap up


Have you used any of the listed applications? How’s been your online streaming experience with them? Do you know any better app which you think should be a part of this list? Do tell us your answer in the comment box.



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