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Generate A QR Code Having WiFi Details For Easy Access To Guests And Friends

Nowadays smartphones has become common for everyone and directly or indirectly you need internet to use many apps in your smartphones and in the situation when some guests visit at our home or employees working in a company needs internet and if you are willing to provide internet access to guests then sometimes it becomes difficult.

Let us create a situation you have arranged a party at your home and around 30 guests are invited and we guess that 20 guests are using smartphones and you are eager provide each and every facility to the guests and one of that is internet which you want to provide your guest and you wifi access but it is secured with password and you don’t want speak out password so now it will be difficult to type password to each and every smartphones of the guest.

So here i will make your work easy. Simply generate a QR code and you can stick it on your wall. Now have your friends or guests to scan that code and they easily access your wifi.


So this makes your work easy and also it will make a good impression between your guests and friends.

Now the question is, how to create this QR Code. Well so just head over to this website

Note: Yo can scan and access internet only in Android devices

Now question will be how to scan this QR code so don’t worry about it its very simply.

Just download Barcode Scanner  from google playstore as it is just size of 750 KB. So you can easily install it and scan this barcode.

So just print out your QR code and enjoy scanning it : )





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