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How to connect with password protected Wi-Fi in your PC using Android Phone

The internet connections are some of the major problems in your PC’s or laptops sometimes the Wi-Fi connection is not able to connections are protected with passwords in public places or sometimes problems are occurring for connecting with Wi-Fi but at the same time if your friend is connected with the same Wi-Fi in his/her device then there is one solution for this problem your friend can share his/her android phone Wi-Fi to other devices including other mobile, laptops, computers and tablets using Bluetooth. So it’s a tricky, interesting and easy task to get Wi-Fi connection.So let’s see how to do this                                                                                                                                             Note: Here there is no rooting access needed in your Android Phone.




Share Wi-Fi over Bluetooth

First of all if you are connected with Wi-Fi in your mobile than it will help your other devices which are not able to connect with that Wi-Fi as it is password protected or it is having some issues to get connect. Generally if you are in a restaurants or somewhere else and if Wi-Fi network is available but it is password protected and you are not able connect with that Wi-Fi and if luckily anyone of your friend or family member is connected with that Wi-Fi than you can get Wi-Fi connection from his/her android device just by sharing that Wi-Fi connection over Bluetooth. As for this thing there is no need of downloading any external app for this process as this feature is available inbuilt in your android device. So let us follow the given steps to enable this feature in your android device.

Wi-Fi  bluetooth



To share your phones wireless connection, First of all enable Bluetooth in your android device. And switch ON your Bluetooth and move towards the phone settings, click on the more networks and then click on tethering and portable hotspot. But not click on the Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for this check out the next step.

bluetooth tethering tethering




Now after this tap on the Bluetooth tethering and make it enable. A warning box will appear that is showing that Bluetooth visibility has been disabled so you have to enable Bluetooth visibility and with that other members can get connect with your Wi-Fi sharing.

visibility settings visibility on


Open the settings as you have already enable the Bluetooth if not then enable it and the click on the Bluetooth tab in that tap on the box and make visible to all nearby Bluetooth or else you can also make visible only to the paired devices as if you want to keep secure from the users. Now here the phone task is over now let us move towards the final step of this and now have to do settings in your PC.

Control Panel Settings

Now the second user who wants to connect with the Wi-Fi has to connect with the device for that you have to go in setting for the Windows PC or laptop users have to open Devices and Printers in control panel after that right click on the icon which is shows the name of your friends phone and then select Connect using in that Access point and that’s it you will get the internet access of the Wi-Fi which is password protected and enjoy the surfing. So this is how we can simply get connect with your android phone Wi-Fi connection over Bluetooth.

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