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CALLPAL: Call for free to mobile/landline to anyone, anywhere in the world


We have many apps available to make calls for free anywhere in the world. We just found out a new app with many interesting features for making, absolutely free calls to anyone directly on their phone without any installation of application on the receivers phone and also the receiver need not to be online to receive the call and no internet is needed on the receiver side for the same. And the interesting thing is, it is free of cost

This interesting app is CALLPAL app. This app is available for both Android and iOS users this app works very smoothly and the call gets connected easily within few seconds. Here the quality of call depends on speed of your internet connection when u make a call from the app the receiver will get your mobile no. as caller id.

For Android click here to download 

So this app offers you completly free calling to any mobile/landline number without requiring receiver/other person to install the app.

Follow below steps to make free call

  1. Download the App from Google playstore for android or appstore for ios click here to download for android
  2. Open the app and you can register using your email id, facebook or google account
  3. Now you need to select your country and enter your mobile no.
  4. After entering mobile no. you will receive an OTP message on your registered mobile no. so you need to confirm it by entering the pin.
  5. Now it will automatically load the contact and you can call your friends,relatives just by selecting the country where they live.

Key Features:-

  • Totaly free calling option everwhere in the world.
  • Landline and mobile calling both option is available for free of cost.
  • Auto syncs the contacts from your phone.

NOTE:- When you call you can answer on speaker mode as this app does not support mic option. So you need to listen and speak from speaker.

Overall the app is very much useful and affordable. You can watch the video and understand the mechanism of callpal



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