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Best Root apps for Rooted Android Phone – 9 Top Root Apps 2015

Best Apps for Rooted Android 2015

After rooting your android ,you will need some best root apps for your rooted android which will extend your android’s functionality. Without root apps for your mobile, rooting your android is kind of boring. You will find some extra-ordinary tricks in these apps. Rooting has many benefits like you can increase ram, block ads, also you can install xposed framework and more benefits. Check our list of benefits of rooting. Thus here I shared some best must-try root apps.

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List of Top Root apps for rooted Android device

  1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the most popular app among the rooted android users because it allows users to take complete backup of android device.You can backup, restore, freeze apps and data. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. Paid PRO version adds tons of features to its list.

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2. Xposed Installer

Xposed Framework and its modules are highly popular as it extends heavily the features of any android device.Though installing it is bit risky but its worthy enough to try out. Though one should try only after taking full s

Xposed Framework provides lots of modules which provides amazing tweaks to your OS. Simply install the installer and then using Custom Recovery like TWRP, install the SDK zip file. Then install modules of your choice.

Download Xposed Installer from Here

> Detailed Article coming soon


3.ROM Manager

Another very important must-have root app for rooted android users. It can perform many functions like downloading new ROM to installing custom recovery to taking backups. Paid Version gives more functions in this app like incremental updates, premium ROMs, install queue, automatic backup etc and many more. Thus this is a must-have rooted app.

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4. BusyBox Installer

This is also very important app and must required by some root apps. Busybox Installer includes a “scripter” to manage and run your scripts. Through Busybox, you can install and run linux/unix scripts/commands inside the Android and perform heavy tweaks to your device. For this app to perform magic, you need root level access.

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Users most of the time go on to do tedious tasks like flashing zip files, flashing ROM, installing custom recovery again and again. This app makes it easier for you to perform such tasks easily without any hassle. Obviously this app needs root level access but it is vert helpful app.

Users can flash boot and recovery images, create full backups, and sync backups between devices and desktop. The free version has a limit of flashing three images per day, which can be unlocked with an in-app purchase.

Get it on Google Play

6. GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys

Does your device contain those backspace keys as soft-keys?

Often those soft-keys becomes annoying specially when gaming or playing videos or watching movies etc. But thanks to GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys which automatically hides those soft keys when not needed.

You can get back those soft keys by hitting the spot which you determined in the settings.

Get it on Google Play

7. Tasker

Hello Jarvis!!!!!!

Tasker reminds me of the Iron Man Artificial Intelligence – Jarvis. Tasker does lot of automated tasks which you may not have ever imagined. Amazing part is you can also assign NFC badges to automate tasks, though prefer reading FAQs for more information.

Get it on Google Play

8. Adaway

Remember Adblocker for Chrome in Windows??!!

Often users get annoyed with the fullscreen ads on their android devices but pitty and shitty part is they cannot do anything but now after rooting their device, they can easily block those shitty ads from their rooted android device, Thanks to Adaway.

Download Adaway for Free.

9. Disk Digger

Have you deleted your favourite selfie by mistake??

Don’t worry, Disk Digger is here for rescue.

Disk Digger is an amazing recovery tool for android which can recover lost data like images, videos, docs, and many more types of data.

A preview window allows users to take a look at recovered media, and those files can be sent to an email account, uploaded to an FTP server or sent to local storage. The lite version allows only photo recoveries, while the pro version can recover more file types.

Get it on Google Play


So here I talked about 9 amazing root apps for rooted android mobile which eventually I will be extending to more such amazing apps so stay tuned and contact us for more help.


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