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8 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

best ad blocker for android

Are you sick of seeing advertisements on your Android device whenever you are using an application or just surfing browser? Yeah!, Advertisement is the daily bread and butter of Android application developers(especially the one’s which are free to use) and websites. It’s ok I mean, I understand,  they need to make money as well. But nowadays website and app developers go on board with advertisements make the user experience really bad. Advertisements can become a huge pain in the butt. Luckily on desktops, advertisements don’t bother us that much due big wide 22 inches led screen, but in mobile advertisements are much worse. Luckily, on desktops and Mac, there is just an easy browser extension called ad blocker which will block all the advertisements. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple with the Android devices. There are a number of best ad blocker apps for android you can use to block ads on your devices. But most of the ‘Free Adblock’ android apps cannot be trusted. For you, I have personally checked and tested best adblock for android.

Here is the list of my best ad blocker for android :

adblock browser for android1. Adblock browser for Android

Price: Free



Adblock Plus is the first Adblock app for android on this list. Adblock Plus is developed by software development company called Eyeo Gmbh. The best thing about Adblock plus is that it 100% open source which means that are no shady cookies or any hidden virus. Adblock Plus extension is available on both platforms( Desktop and Android devices).

This extension is available for Google Chrome from 2010. As of 2014, they have over 10 million chrome and 18 million Firefox users.

They release Adblock Plus app on 2012.



  • Blocks all annoying advertisements by default, including Youtube video ads, Facebook video ads, pop-ups and much more).
  • Disable tracking ( Allowing you to surf web anonymously)
  • Disable Malware domains
  • Available on both Android and Ios platform.
  • Easy to use UI
  • Overall great reviews by users.


  • The app involves in-app purchase which gives you some extra themes and features.
  • Functionalities Limited to browser
  • Does not block ads on applications.


adguard for android2. Ad Guard – Ad Blocker for Android

Price: Free



Ad Guard ad-blocker app is not that different from its competitors. Ad Guard is an open source web filter application. It can be found here. As it is open source, there is no chance of spammy links or shady cookies in the application. Ad Guard kills any type of advertisements in your browser. Ad guard doesn’t block ads in any other application.


  • 20 different languages to choose from.
  • Speeds up website loading time
  • Disable tracking


  • Limited to Yandex and Samsung browser.
  • Sometimes unable to block pop-up ads.
  • consumes a lot of battery life.

opera for android3. Opera Browser

Price: Free



Opera is one of the oldest browser ever made. It has been since ages. It has been specifically made for smartphone and mobile devices. As of, February 2013, they had over 300 million unique Opera Mini active users and 150 billion page views served during that month. Getting rid of ads on Opera mini is as easy ABC. All you need to do is after you choose a language, you are given an option of getting rid of ads and that’s all. No complicated settings. No Youtube instruction video to follow.

If for some reason, you want to enable ads again on your browser just by tapping an icon on right-hand corner of the app


  • Private tabs allow you to surf the internet without leaving a trace on your device.
  • Data saving mode helps you to save your precious mobile data.
  • On and off advertisements with just clicking on an icon.
  • Fast loading speed of web pages.


  • Functionalities limited to browser
  • Some people might not like the UI

cm browser for android4. CM Browser – Adblock, Fast Download, Privacy

Price: Free



CM browser is made by Cheetah Mobile Inc. Cheetah Mobile Inc. is a Chinese mobile internet company. Cheetah Mobile Inc. has made a vast number of Android application and it in this industry for a long time.

CM browser is all in one solution to your internet problems. CM browser blocks all ads including pop ads and allows you to enjoy clean and clear browsing.It also includes video detection function which can detect videos on a web page.This amazing and rare feature allows you to download most of the videos on the internet downloadable(You cannot download videos from youtube due to the Google policy). CM Browser is beautifully designed has a great easy to use UI.


  • Easy to use UI
  • Faster page loading speed
  • Protection from potentially malicious websites.
  • No trace ( History and cookies will be cleared as soon as you exit the app).
  • Browser speed acceleration.
  • Page translator ( Can translate a page to over 40 languages).
  • Text search
  • Incognito mode( Allows you to browse the internet without leaving cookies, history, cache etc.).
  • Overall great reviews by users


  • Limited to the browser.
  • Sometimes the app hangs.

adblock for android5. Ad block Fast – Best Ad Blocker for Android

Price: Free



As the name suggests, Ad block fast is one of the fastest ad blocking app for android out there. In fact, the developers take claim to be the fastest ad blocker in the whole world. You can check out the comparison between other adblocker application and Ad block fast in the video below.


The reason behind the incredible speed of the app is that they have only 7 rules in their filtering ruleset whereas Adblock Plus has over 490002 rules. That is approximately 7000x less filtering rules per page.

You can also turn on and off advertisements by a click of an icon.


  • Fastest page loading speed
  • No whitelisting of advertisements and ‘Acceptable Ads’.
  • Consumers lower percentage of CPU
  • Accelerate page loading speed.
  • less memory consumption



brave browser for android6. Brave browser: Ad blocker

Price: Free



Brave Browser Ad Blocker is yet another best adblock app for android offered by the brave software. Brave is free, open source and offers secure browsing experience. Brave is designed for speed and security. It is an another application that offers built-in ad block.

The unique thing about this Ad block application is that it reduces battery usage and improves performance.

Brave also protects users privacy and sensitive data such as credit card information.


  • Data optimization
  • Protection from malware
  • Script blocking
  • Battery optimization
  • Positive reviews

adblock for samsung7. Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet

Price: Free



This is another best Ad blocker app for samsung to block ads on your Android device. Unlike other applications on this list, Ad block for Samsung is made specifically for Samsung Internet Browser. As of 2017, It is not yet compatible with any browser except Samsung Internet Browser. Ad block is managed by a sincere and dedicated team of developers. This application is offered by Eyeo Gmbh.


  • Block ads (Including video ads on YouTube).
  • Privacy protection
  • Disable tracking
  • An increase in battery life ( By only loading content you care about).
  • Great support
  • Excellent reviews


  • Limited to Samsung Internet browser

Armorfly Browser for android8. Armorfly Browser & Downloader – private and safe

Price: Free



Armorfly is the second best ad blocker for android on the list which is offered by Mobile. This is another great browser that provides ad-free, secure and fast browsing experience. Armorfly is filled with great features such as smart download, In build ad block, video detection function and much more. Armorfly is one of the most secure browsers which provides all round protection. It also contains video detection function which detects if there is a video on a web page. With the help of this function, the browser makes various videos downloadable. Another feature that Armorfly browser has is Private Vault where you can store all videos and files and lock it. All in all, Another amazing application filled with cool features to give the user ad-free experience.


  • Smart Download which detects video on web page and makes it downloadable from almost all website ( Youtube not included due to Google Policy)
  • Private vault
  • Disable tracking
  • Page Translator
  • Overall Astounding reviews by users


  • Sometimes private vault lags.


Whether you are looking for a simple browser with ad block feature or browser with many other features we got you covered. If you are looking to stop ads in applications and games you need to root on your android device. This article was specifically for devices which are not rooted. All the application mentioned in the list are absolutely free so that you don’t have to spend a dime. Let me know in the comment section if you find any more best Ad blocker for android apps. Happy surfing.

Varun Shantanu

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