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How to add Gujarati font and other Indian Language fonts in Android

Hello Indian Android users.

Till now you might be missing Indian languages for Android device though you can find hindi, gujarati font for android as well as other indian languages for android in computer. Now a days , Indian laptops and computers come with indian languages pre-installed which you can use directly in the word or other text editor but that kind of thing is far from sight in Android devices as still Android manufacturers haven’t started yet supplying Indian fonts pre-installed in the Android devices but you can now install those fonts manually. Remember that, now nexus devices do come with indian fonts so nexus users don’t need to worry about taking pain to install indian fonts but nexus devices needs to be updated with Android lollipop to get the joy of texting their friends using indian languages.

indian font in android

So below I will be mentioning several easy to use methods to install gujarati as well as other indian fonts. I have manually tested this method in Motorola devices but this also works with samsung, sony, lg as well as other Android devices.

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Install Indian Fonts in your Android Device

Most important requirement to install indian font in android phone is that your android device should be rooted. If you haven’t rooted your device then you can follow our tutorial – “Root any android device easily” or can take help of xda to root their device.

Method #1 : Using ES File Explorer or other root explorer


> Your Android Device must be rooted.

> Your device must have ES File Explorer or other similar root explorer installed

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> Download Font packages as per your requirement : Gujarati | Hindi | Oriya | Bengali | Malayalam | Kannada | Telugu

Procedure to Install Font package in your Android: 

  • As said above, download the font package of your choice from the above given link and extract the .ttf file from the rar file.
  • Place the extracted .ttf in your SD Card of your device.
  • I assume you already have ES File explorer installed so open that application
  • Now Click on the left icon and turn ON the root explorer
  • Click Root explorer option and click on Mount R/W and change the /system option to RW.
  • Now copy the file which you copied in your SD Card and paste it in your System >> Fonts folder. (To go to this folder, go to the root of your device by going back by clicking on the upper side of the app.)
  • Select overwrite if you are asked.
  • Thats it!!! You finally did.


So this was the first method to install indian fonts but sometimes you may have problem in using this method or you may think its confusing so we introduced another method below.

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Method #2 : Flash Indian Fonts directly in Android Device

This is kind of easy method with less steps.  But this method is kind of risky because it may bring your device in bootloop though that rarely happens.


>Your device must be rooted as said above

>Your device must have Custom Recovery installed. Like CWM or other similar

Download Font Zip Files : Gujarati | Tamil


> Place the Downloaded file ( .zip file) in your SD Card

> Restart your Android device and boot it in recovery mode by pressing and holding power button and volume down button while it restarts.

> In your recovery menu, Click on Install .zip option and browse and select the file you placed in SD Card.

> Choose Yes and it will install the font package.

Its Done!

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So this were the two methods to install fonts but in some devices this comes pre-installed so those don’t need to worry about installing.

Comment below or contact us if you have any doubts or problem.

Do share your views in the comments.


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