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Welcome To TheDroidWay. TheDroidWay is an enthusiastic online publication platform devoted towards everything related to Android! We cover latest Android news, updates, apps and games, and gadget leaks. We do this in the most simplistic approach while providing the information in the utmost depth, to engender a tranquil and smooth reading experience.

We work daily to ensure you get most important android updates as fast as possible. Our aim is to educate every android user with the latest advancement in Android Community.

There are many sites covering Android related stuff but some are clearly misguiding innocent readers. Due to that, many user gets their devices bricked or waste their time. We ensure quality content to save money and time of our readers. Also rather than trying to cover every single piece of content on Android, We curate highly important, popular and exciting content to maintain the quality of this Android Magazine.

This Blog was founded on 26th December’2014  by its founder Parth Patel and his team. Though initially, we were still learning different aspects of android community. But slowly and steadily, we adapted to reader’s needs and interests.

TheDroidWay  is not affiliated with Google or any of the device manufacturers listed on this site. We are an Android Enthusiast site. Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by the Android Open Source Project and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution License. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. TheDroidWay is an independent site that is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google.

Feel free to contact us with thoughts, concerns, ideas, or suggestions or anything related to android.


PARTH PATEL – Founder and Chief Editor

parth patel

Parth Patel is the founder and owner of this blog. He loves to play with Android even though he is an iphone user. He is a web developer and a tech blogger. In spare time, he loves to do programming, learn new languages, build something amazing or writing for this blog. Though nowadays he focuses more on a role as Chief Editor and seldom writes articles.

You can contact him via Email [email protected] and He’s On Facebook and Google+ also. You can Find his Articles Here




 Mihir Patel supported Parth’s vision since beginning. In past, he wrote many articles for this blog. But nowadays he is more focussed on his new ventures to learn new skills as well as experiment.

In his own words, “Hey guys, I am an Indian blogger and tech lover. I love to talk about android, and I have good knowledge and experience of rooting android devices as well as I am also interested in different android ROM’s and in Android tips and tricks. I am also interested to examine new android devices and give preview of those gadgets.”

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